Bluehost Affiliate Program Review

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Whether you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing or have heard of it but haven’t tried it, this Bluehost affiliate program review is for you. Read on to learn how Bluehost makes it simple to earn a passive income with nothing more than a website or blog.

Bluehost is a top web hosting company, offering low-cost hosting with many features. With Bluehost, individuals and businesses can build professional websites without having to pay actual professionals thousands of dollars.

In addition to offering high-quality web hosting at a low price, Bluehost gives website owners the opportunity to earn a passive income by promoting its hosting. The way to make money with Bluehost is through its affiliate marketing program.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which a business selling products or services on the internet pays commissions or “finder’s fees” to website owners who refer them traffic that generates sales.

For instance, say you’re a running enthusiast and have a blog chronicling the various races in which you compete. The owner of a business that sells running shoes approaches you with the idea of placing a link on your blog to their website. The link would be embedded with a tracking code marking the visitor as having come from your blog. If the visitor buys shoes, the site owner agrees to pay you a percentage of the sales price.

That is an example of an affiliate marketing arrangement. The site owner is the one selling the product or service; you are the “affiliate,” as your role is to refer visitors to the site, a percentage of whom, ideally, buy.

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What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Bluehost affiliate program review

Affiliate marketing has several benefits over other online income opportunities. Here are some of the biggest ones:

No Startup Costs

How many business opportunities do you know that have zero startup costs? Not many, right?

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to run a real business without having to pour a bunch of money — or any money — into it at the beginning. The Bluehost affiliate marketing program, for instance, has no sign-up fee, and if you have a website that is already getting traffic, it isn’t necessary to spend money on advertising to start driving sales.

Passive Income

Imagine a sales gig where making a sale doesn’t require you to talk a prospect into saying yes. Picture a business where you just set it and forget it. You put a link or banner in a high-traffic location, and everything from closing the sale to processing the payment to paying the commission is automated from there.

That is passive income, and that is what affiliate marketing offers.

Work as Much or as Little as You Want

Affiliate marketing gives you the flexibility to put as much or as little time into it as you want. If your goal is to have a full-time income that replaces your 9-to-5 job, a good affiliate marketing program, such the one offered by Bluehost, has the tools to help you do it. If you’re only looking to milk a few dollars of spending money out of a modestly trafficked blog, you can do that, too.

Is Bluehost’s Affiliate Marketing Program Worth It?

Now that you know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and understand how it can earn you a passive income, your next decision is which program to choose. We prefer the Bluehost affiliate marketing program because of several distinct advantages it offers:

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

Most affiliate programs give you a link to sign up and some HTML to paste into your blog or website to make the banners appear, but they don’t offer much support beyond that.

Bluehost has actual affiliate managers who will take the time work with you, helping you strategize successful campaigns and earn more money. If you have the drive, the Bluehost affiliate managers will give you the support you need to be successful.

Unlimited Commissions

Unlike some affiliate programs, Bluehost does not cap your commissions. You can refer an unlimited number of people each month, and you’ll make the same flat fee for each one who signs up. The sky is truly the limit.

Tools and Resources

Bluehost lets you choose from an array of eye-catching banners, links and graphics to entice visitors to click. Based on the nature and design of your website or blog, Bluehost’s affiliate managers will help you select the promotional resources likely to have the highest conversion rates.

Campaign Tracking

With Bluehost’s affiliate program, there is no guesswork when it comes to what percentage of your website or blog’s visitors are clicking your affiliate links and what percentage of those people are buying hosting.

Bluehost offers detailed tracking that breaks down visitors into clicks and clicks into sales. This is useful not only to get an idea of how many monthly visitors your site needs for you to earn a certain income but also to compare different campaigns and determine which ones are working for you.

90-Day Cookies

A cookie is a piece of code that a website lodges into a visitor’s browser. It can contain various types of data about the visitor. In this case, the cookie embedded by Bluehost documents where they came from — for instance, your website or blog. Bluehost’s cookies stay on the visitor’s browser for a full 90 days. That means even if the visitor who clicked through from your site doesn’t purchase hosting right away but, say, comes back four or six weeks later, you still get credit for the sale and earn a commission.

How Much Money You Can Make With Bluehost’s Affiliate Marketing Program

Bluehost affiliate program review

Bluehost’s affiliate marketing program has a simple and straightforward payout structure. You earn $65 each time a visitor from your website or blog buys hosting from Bluehost.

Let’s do the math:

  • Refer 10 sales per month, and you earn $650. That’s $7,800 per year.
  • Refer 30 sales per month (or about one per day), and you earn $1,950. That’s $23,400 per year.
  • Refer 90 sales per month (or about three per day), and you earn $5850. That’s $70,200 per year.

As you can see, you don’t have to make sales all day every day to earn a job-replacing income with Bluehost’s affiliate marketing program. Even two to three sales per day will put you above the average household income in America.

Bluehost Also Offers Top Web Hosting Services

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing but don’t yet have a website or blog, you’re in luck. With Bluehost, you can sign up for web hosting at the same time you sign up as an affiliate.

Bluehost was voted as a 2021 best web host and offers hosting that starts at $4.95 per month. Among the features you’ll receive are:

  • A drag-and-drop site builder powered by WordPress
  • A free domain name
  • 24/7 support

To conclude this Bluehost affiliate program review, Bluehost offers not only the top web hosting services on the internet but also one of the most competitive affiliate marketing programs. As a Bluehost affiliate, you can start earning money as soon as today.

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