5 Great Ways Lawyers Can Make Money Online

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Thanks to modern technology, you can work via various online platforms in the comfort of your home and access a broader market. You only need a personal computer, electrical energy, and reliable internet.

Working online as a legal expert allows you to take advantage of many online opportunities and offer your services to various clients globally.

You may wonder how you can work online as a lawyer while your work requires you to meet clients and probably go to court. Thanks to online technologies, legal expertise has surpassed the physical borders.

This article will give insight into various ways to make money online as an attorney.

1. Sell Legal Products

You can write legal eBooks and sell them through your website or ecommerce websites such as Amazon. You can also develop short courses in your area of expertise and sell them through online learning platforms such as LinkedIn.

If you are a technology enthusiast, you can develop a mobile app containing legal materials and sell it through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can earn extra money by running ads through the app. If you can’t develop an app, you can hire a programmer to do it for you.

2. Upload Legal Videos on YouTube

Shoot professional videos about the legal industry and what you do and post them on your YouTube channel. Post daily or weekly explaining some court cases, the law applicable in various industries, provide answers to what is bothering your followers and encourage them to invite others to follow you.

Once you gain the required number of followers and views, join the YouTube Partner Program to monetize your channel. You can make money on YouTube through:

  • Advertising revenue
  • Charge for channel membership
  • Create a merchandise shelf and sell your legal videos or eBooks
  • Charge for super chat and stickers
  • Get paid by YouTube Premium subscribers

how can a lawyer make money online

3. Offer Teaching and Coaching Services

Colleges and universities are offering courses online even to international students. You can join one or several learning institutions as a legal lecturer and make money from your home office.

You can also offer online coaching services to budding lawyers or consultancy services to law firms. All you need is to market yourself and provide professional services at reasonable rates. You can help law firms launch their company, offer guidance, or provide strategic services at a fee.

4. Join Freelance Platforms

Freelancing platforms enable you to work on gigs without being permanently employed. You provide your legal services based on short-term contracts managed by the platform. The online platform acts as a marketplace where clients seeking legal services meet legal experts. Some of the freelance platforms include:

Hire an Esquire

It’s an online platform designed for freelance law practitioners. People with paralegal degrees are also allowed to join. Hire an Esquire connects lawyers to in-house legal departments and law firms for various projects.

Only legal firms are allowed to post jobs and hire on this platform. The platform uses modern technology to ensure attorneys effortlessly offer quality legal services to their customers.

Using and navigating the site is a piece of cake. Create a profile and provide your details and area of specialization. As a verified user, you can apply for posted jobs and receive payment after the client accepts your work.


It’s another great online marketplace for lawyers. The tasks posted target individuals and businesses who require legal advice or written documents.

UpCounsel vets attorneys; thus, you can only qualify to offer legal services through the website if you’re a qualified lawyer.

The registration process is easy. When approved, you can start offering your legal services to the clients. However, you’ll have to send a proposal first and your charging fees to the owner of the job post.

If your skills, experience, and service fees work out for the client, he will allow you to carry out the job. With its handsome remuneration of approximately $120 to $150 per hour, you can earn handsomely on the platform.

Join Upwork

Upwork is renowned for offering freelancers lucrative opportunities. It’s a platform trusted by many businesses worldwide. Freelance lawyers can offer their services to various clients looking for legal writings or consultations.

Dedicated attorneys can earn approximately $500 per week. You need to create an account, sign in with your email and fill in your legal service details.

Your clients rate your work, and the score is public. If they rate you highly, it portrays on your profile, increasing your pay and hiring rate.

Register With LawTrades

At LawTrade, clients post tasks with fixed rates, and lawyers apply for them. The platform’s system matches the job with an ideal freelance attorney.

LawTrades advertises legal positions online. Then you can apply to work on the platform. The platform adds you to their pool of potential lawyers if selected.

The platform’s system appoints you to work on a particular task after matching you as the most suitable candidate for the task. It saves freelance law practitioners the burden of searching and applying for a job on the platform.

Be hired at Lawclerk

Lawclerk offers competent lawyers a platform to work for law firms. The attorney can offer virtual services or other tasks to the client law firm.

Individuals are also allowed to request legal assistance on various issues such as business, property purchase, inheritance, and marriage. You’ll need to open an account and be verified to apply for a job on the platform. The nature of jobs posted is short-term.

Lawclerk has many jobs posted, and freelancers can apply for a single job, but the client chooses the best of them all. You, therefore, have to portray your skills and convince the client why he should pick you among the rest.

On Lawclerk, you have no say on payment. The company sets a fixed fee for every posted task and deducts 28% of the amount as its fee.

how can a lawyer make money online


It’s a Canadian online platform offering job opportunities for experienced legal practitioners. You must have worked for at least five years in a reputable law firm to apply to work on this platform.

If interested in being one of the many freelance lawyers on FlexLegal, you’ll need to fill in an application form. If you meet the platform’s requirements, the platform’s administrating team will contact you for an interview.

The interview happens on Fridays. The company will select you to work on the platform if you pass. You’ll access the jobs on FlexLegal’s online portal.

Based on the task’s requirement, you are free to quote a price for your services. You can choose to work per hour, part-time, or project.

The company sends an invoice to your client after you finish the task. The funds are then released to you.


Many reputable businesses and individuals seek legal services on the platform, making it an excellent online opportunity for lawyers to make money.

Becoming a member to work on Fiverr is like a downhill task. You sign up and create an account. Then you create a gig that showcases your skills and experience. Clients searching for an attorney with your skills and expertise will contact you for a task.

The buyer’s request section offers new freelance lawyers on the platform to find jobs easily. Price per gig varies based on your experience, skills, and account rating. The more jobs you complete successfully on the platform, you get more clients and better pay.

Montage Legal Group

The platform has been a money minting opportunity for many freelance lawyers since its establishment in 2009. Legal service providers carry out tasks on a project or part-time basis. Montage Legal Group prefers US lawyers, limiting law practitioners from other countries.

Montage Legal Group signs monthly contracts with various law firms. Then recruits qualified lawyers to their platform to work for them. Most clients renew their contracts every month.

The application procedure to work on the platform as a freelance attorney begins with emailing your resume to Montage Legal Group. If your resume meets its requirement, the company contacts you and begins the recruitment process.

Once accepted on the platform, you sign a contract with the company for a particular project. According to the client’s requirements, Montage Legal Group connects the lawyer that fits best to the project. You have the freedom to set your rate, but the platform takes 20% of the total amount.

There are many other freelance platforms you can join. Always do your research before joining them.

5. Start Your Freelance Blog/Website

You may not like working on the above freelancing site, or you could have gotten rejected. It should not be a reason for you to give up. You can start your legal freelancing site.

Start by searching for a reliable domain name and hosting. Then create an alluring website illustrating your skills, experience, and rates. Additionally, you can run ads on your site or post affiliate program links to earn more money.

You need to attract a lot of traffic to benefit optimally from your freelance site. It may take much of your time, effort, and money.


As illustrated above, online technologies have given lawyers opportunities to make more money. Law practitioners can work anytime and anywhere due to online flexibility as long as it doesn’t interfere with their professionalism and service delivery. It also gives them a chance to work for diversified clients worldwide.

Clients can access legal services in the comfort of their homes without extra charges of traveling to the lawyer’s office. It’s a win-win for clients and lawyers.


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