How Can DJs Make Money Online

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Exposure is the first thing a DJ needs for a successful career. If you are a little-known DJ or just want to boost your reach and earn a little more from your craft, the internet is the best tool. Online presence helps you establish your brand and push your art to the masses. But, on the other hand, not using the internet to your advantage makes it hard for you to make it big in this industry. It does not matter how talented you are; you will never get anywhere if no one knows about you.

Why DJs Should Consider Making Money Online

DJs’ traditional way to make money is by playing at parties or being a radio or club DJ. However, with technology and the internet, more people can earn a living from their passions, and DJs should not be left behind.

Also, with the world just coming out of a major pandemic, more and more people are beginning to embrace the concept of online entertainment as opposed to in-person gatherings.

How Can DJs Make Money Online

How Can DJs Make Money Online? 6 Great Ideas

If you want to grow financially as a DJ, you need to consider making money online. Numerous ways to make money online exist, but the most common ones are:

  1. Join Video/Audio Sharing Channels

    Creating videos or audio clips to post on YouTube and other content-sharing sites is one of the ways to make money online as a DJ. But, of course, you can also sell your music on iTunes or Spotify and even sell your mixtapes.

    This new technology has created a music industry that allows creators to get heard by the masses in a short amount of time. This makes it great for DJs because they can be known worldwide in no time.

    DJs can also freelance or work for pure profit-making companies like DJ Times or Beatport.

    2. Create a website

    Among the first things you should do is create a website where you can advertise your services, sell your music, and attract clients worldwide. Then, when you have enough clients, offer them an opportunity for a free trial session and see if they like what they hear. If they like it, charge them for future sessions or gigs.

    Your platform doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, but it should at least provide contact information if your website includes a schedule of when you will be playing, even better. It may take time, but eventually, people will start visiting your site, and that is where they will get information regarding your upcoming events.

Make your website or blog a place where people can listen to your music and learn more about who you are as a DJ.

How Can DJs Make Money Online

Once you have chosen what type of site you want, it is then time for you to add fresh content daily so that listeners will visit often. Keep in mind that the more traffic that comes through your site, the better your chances of becoming successful with this business venture.

Next, make sure that you offer samples of your work on your site, such as a few songs or some videos, so they can see what you have to provide them as an artist. Many people don’t know how critical this is, but it can make a huge difference.

Once your website gains steady organic traffic, you can start running ads for more income. Also, you can create links to affiliate products and earn a commission any time any of your website visitors buy via your links.

  1. Online Marketing

    Once you have created a website, it is time to market it to your potential site visitors. One of the best ways to make this happen is through YouTube. By creating videos that show off your skills and adding a link back to your main website, you will be able to get more people interested in what you’re offering. The more people watch your videos, the more likely they will go and visit your website or purchase some of your mixtapes or songs on iTunes or Spotify.

    4. Sell Merchandise

    As a DJ, your brand is what your online fans follow you for other than your art. They take pride in being associated with your brand name, logos, taglines, etc. You can sell merchandise such as caps, t-shirts, and hoodies to make money from that. These merchandises are likely to fetch more money if you include your logos and associated trademarks. The DJ can either create their web store or set up an account with an online retailer like Cafepress or Zazzle.

    5. Host Online Parties

    Many people like to hire DJs for parties, weddings, dances, and other events. A DJ can charge money for their services at these events. However, they cannot be everywhere at once! What if they could go online and DJ events worldwide at the same time?

    Nowadays, it’s possible to DJ live events over the internet. Some companies will pay you what you would charge locally for your services by hiring you to do live gigs around the globe right from your home computer! You can DJ anywhere globally and get paid as long as you have a good internet connection. It is straightforward; just log in when you want to work and start taking gigs. It is that easy.

    How Can DJs Make Money Online

    6. Offer online lessons

    Another way DJs can make money online is by offering lessons. You don’t need to do this in person because many online sites allow you to conduct online lessons. Set up an account on one of these sites and create profiles for each class. For example, if you are teaching basic DJ equipment lessons, you would want to create a profile for that class. You can even include an “about” section where you talk about yourself and why you decided to pursue DJing as a career. By doing this, people who visit your site will begin to develop an interest in learning more about you as well as learning more about the equipment that you use.


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