How Teens Can Make Money Online in 2022

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Are you an ambitious teen who wants to start earning money? Do you want a lucrative hobby that helps you to save and pay for what you want? If you said yes to either of these questions, you should consider making money online.

You might be, “What? No way.” Still, this article will show you that there are legitimate options out there for you. There are abundant resources available to make money through the digital world. It’s time for you to take advantage of that!

There are various avenues you can find when you’re trying to make some money online. In this article, we’ll go through a few lucrative options you may want to pursue.

How Can Teens Make Money Online – Your Best Options

Affiliate Marketing

You may have heard of the term ‘affiliate marketing’ before. This is where businesses pay you as an affiliate. An affiliate is the business you’re collaborating with to promote their products or services, and each time someone visits or purchases something on their site through your affiliate link, you get paid by them.

It’s become a popular form of marketing for businesses. This is due to its cost-efficient appeal. This can become a lucrative side hustle if you market these affiliate links well.

Where To Post Affiliate Links

You get paid according to how many visitors or customers you can refer to the business you’re marketing for. This makes it important to post affiliate links somewhere that’ll get a lot of traction. You want to get as much engagement on these links as possible.

You need to post affiliate links where it gets a good amount of engagement. These links can even be posted on more platforms than just one. These are a few places you could consider promoting an affiliate link:

  • Blog or website – Starting a blog can provide you with a source of income as a teenager. It just takes time for you to start earning the big bucks. If you start a blog or website, you can use it for affiliate marketing. You could post an article that promotes the product and service you’re marketing in your link.
  • Social media platforms – Why not use social media accounts to get your affiliate links out there? It’s both efficient and cost-free! You may already have an online presence on various social media apps as a teen.
  • Serious about affiliate marketing? You can invest money into a good program that provides effective marketing strategies. The Fiverr Affiliate Program is a great option, as it’s affordable, as well as provides many ways to make money.

Posting your affiliate link on a platform isn’t enough, as you need to sell this link. No one is going to feel motivated to purchase anything through your affiliate link or service if you don’t convince them. Even though you’re selling this product or service, you also need to make it sound intriguing for people to try on their own.

Write Reviews and Fill Out Surveys

Did you know that you could make money by writing reviews for books, read, products, and music you listen to? Reviews are so valuable for businesses that they’re constantly looking for people willing to provide their honest opinions. You can also make money by filling out surveys for businesses looking for feedback.

How Can Teens Make Money Online by Taking Surveys

Different Review Options

There are many businesses and individuals who seek people to write reviews for them. It’s mainly small businesses and people who are starting up their careers who want to pay for reviews.

This helps them to improve their craft or product, so they can find more success. Having public reviews also helps them to get more customers. People are more likely to purchase something that they see others have had a good experience with. This builds social proof, showing people it’s a legitimate product or service.

If you want to earn money writing reviews online, choose something you enjoy doing. These are a few options you can look into writing reviews on:

  • Are you an avid reader? Do you spend your spare time reading a good book? If so, you could look into reviewing books online. Platforms such as provide you with free books that you can review. On average, you can earn between $5 and $60 per book you review.
  • Listening to music – If you’re someone who loves listening to music and has the ability to analyze it, then you could look into reviewing songs. You could make money by listening to music, reviewing music videos, songs, and providing feedback to radio stations. Visit sites such as HitPredictor to find ways to earn from rating music.
  • There are many websites out there that pay you to write reviews. Depending on the platform you choose, you could get compensated by getting the product you’re reviewing for free. You may get an Amazon gift card, or you could be paid cash. Types of products you could review include technology, toiletries, clothing, and many more.

Writing reviews isn’t going to make you tons of cash quickly, but it will provide you with a great source of passive income. The more you review, the more you’re able to earn from this side hustle.

How To Make Money From Surveys

Filling out surveys is like writing reviews. Instead, you’re giving feedback for a service you may use. Surveys are also used for companies to research whether something will work for their business or not. There are countless survey tools out there. These are just a few survey options you could use:

Virtual Assistant

Are you organized with good time management skills? Can you multitask helping others stay organized, while still taking care of your own responsibilities? If so, you could consider pursuing online work as a virtual assistant.

You may be thinking that a job as a virtual assistant sounds too overwhelming for a teen in high school, but this is not necessarily the case. Most virtual assistant jobs aren’t full time. You can work from home part-time while still being a diligent student.

Being a virtual assistant is pretty straight forward. It usually entails helping business owners or busy professionals who need to get their life in order. You fulfill their office tasks, so they can focus on more important tasks for their business. Virtual assistance is sought after, as it’s more affordable for entrepreneurs.

How To Become A Successful Virtual Assistant

Anyone can become a virtual assistant, you just have to be organized and able to multitask. As with any online job, there are things that you can do to find more success in this opportunity. These are a few tips that’ll help you to become a virtual assistant.

  • Find your niche – Even though virtual assistants are sought after, there is still lots of competition. If you find your niche, you’re able to find more opportunities suited to you.
  • Create a website – A great way to get yourself out there, so you can reach potential clients, is by creating a website. This will be a professional way to present yourself as a virtual assistant.
  • Ask for feedback – After your first experience as a virtual assistant, it’s important to ask for feedback from your client. You need to be aware of what you’re doing wrong and right, so you can become a better assistant. Use their notes positively to make them satisfied with your service.

Financial Tips

If you’re starting off work as a teen, it’s important to be financially intelligent with your money. It can be difficult, especially when it’s the first source of income you’ve received. If you learn personal financial tips now, you’ll set yourself up for financial security in the future.

Open a Bank Account

When you start making money, you should open a bank account in your own name. This can be a student bank account, which will help you to get a discount on your bank charges. Your bank account will allow you to manage your own money, as well as it provides you with a sense of independence.

If you open a bank account, you should look into starting a savings account. It can be tempting to use all the money you make as soon as you get it, but learning how to save is an important skill. If you learn how to save your money as a teen, you’ll find financial stability as you grow.

How To Get Paid

How you’re getting paid is an important thing to consider, especially when you’re earning money online. Most online opportunities allow you to work from home anywhere in the world. You might have to open a PayPal account. Having PayPal allows you to get money from anywhere with any currency!

Opening a PayPal account is pretty simple. Just visit PayPal’s website and proceed to sign up. Choose between a personal and business account. From there, link your banking details and verify your details. You’ll then be able to receive money through your PayPal account.

In Summary

Most of these avenues for making money aren’t going to make you rich. It’s important to have realistic expectations when you begin making money online. With that being said, there are so many opportunities available to you online. You don’t have to wait to grow up to earn a reliable income.

The more work you do, the more money you can make. You could even try to use multiple side hustles at the same time. It’s important to not overwork yourself and distract yourself from your high school career.

There are many benefits that come with pursuing a source of income online as a teen. You learn independence and how to manage your time. Whether you’re 16 years old or 13 years old, it’s important to be exposed to finances. This way you can prepare yourself for a financially stable future!

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