Eight Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Vegas

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Whether you are visiting or you reside here, you’ve probably seen enough by now to know that Vegas is the place to be if you want to make a quick buck. With so much life to live in this city of sin, it’s easy to monetize pretty much anything. If you want to learn how you can make that easy money in Vegas, you’ve come to the right place.

Come Alive in Las Vegas

You haven’t witnessed life in the fast lane until you’ve experienced life in Las Vegas. The city known as “Sin City,” for all of its lively and “sinful” activity, was first discovered and established by Mormons. Ironic, right; it got its famous name from the focus on male entertainment it grew to have over the years.

Sin City

The night life is like no other in Sin City. From gambling to nightclubs, to simply walking the Vegas Strip, there is never a dull moment. There’s so much entertainment, whether it’s because of the celebrities that frequent the city, or residents who have learned how and where to make some capital off their talents.

Side Hustles For Las Vegas Residents

Part time and full time work, along with some odd jobs, are available to Vegas residents who want to make some extra cash. From job boards to entrepreneurship, the means to make extra money as a resident in Las Vegas is not slim at all, but we’ll give you just a few to start.

Open Up Your Home as an Airbnb

make money with an Airbnb in Vegas

If you are a homeowner in Vegas, you can open your home up to be an Airbnb for tourists and other residents alike. Hotels are not played out; however, most people travel in groups now. Instead of spending money on hotels, where their privacy is limited or where everyone has to get separate rooms, many people choose to stay together in one house that has many rooms; it’s cheaper and it can be a safer option as well.

There’s good money to make in this and of course you make your own rules for your home. If visitors do not abide by the rules, you have the option to charge them a fee, as a hotel would.


make money ridesharing in Las Vegas

Carpooling with other residents of Las Vegas is a good way to save on gas. One person would choose to be the designated driver or use their vehicle and you’d usually carpool with others who either live close to you or work close to you. Much like opening your home up to be an Airbnb, you can make rules for your car.

Visit Pawn Shops

Las Vegas pawn shops

Pawning things in Vegas is a pretty popular thing to do. So popular that some of the pawn shops hold auctions on their merchandise.

Residents and tourists alike can go to pawn shops and auction off their items for pawn or sale. In a place like Vegas, gold and silver are big pawns. Some people win these things in gambling games at Casinos and may need to make some quick cash, so they’ll pawn them.

Search Job Boards For Work

local job boards

You can find full-time work, part-time work, and even odd jobs on job boards. If you’re looking for employment or you’re self employed and looking for some work that you can do, this is a great place to start. Some job boards you could search include: Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, Lasvegasjobs, and even Facebook.

Making Extra Cash While Visiting Vegas

Most people are thinking of spending money when visiting Vegas, but when you arrive and see how easy it is to make money, immediately the wheels should start turning in your head.

Play Casino Games

make money gambling in Las Vegas

Casino games, like all gambling, is a risk that can either cause you to lose money or win money; from slots to the tables.

Set Up Shop on the Vegas Strip

make money as a vendor in Vegas

The Vegas Strip, also known as “The Strip,” is a high traffic area. Anyone who visits here is either looking to spend money or engage with others.

The Strip is a famous tourist site and you could take advantage of that. Just about anything can be sold on the Strip. If you have something to sell, set yourself up as a vendor in an empty space on the Strip and you have just established some capital for yourself.

Sell Your Trade

how to make easy money in Vegas

If you have a trade of any kind, such as dance, music, arts, crafts, building, miming, or whatever it may be, you can post up somewhere that has high traffic like the Strip, outside carnivals and concerts, and you could exchange your goods or services for money.

Now, you wouldn’t be exclusively selling these things, you’d just ask for donations on what you have to offer and if people like you enough, they may donate to you.

Learn How to Play Poker

make money playing poker in Vegas

Poker is still gambling but it takes a little more skill and if you have that skill, you have a chance to win big.


The city of Vegas has so much to offer, it pays people just to be here. Whether a visitor or a resident of the city, finding ways to make capital isn’t off limits to anyone. Although, if you are a resident of the city, your options are a bit more expansive.

The best way to know how you can personally make extra money in Vegas is to visit all of the places people frequent most and scope out the scene. Ask questions. Find out how you can set up vendor shops, where it is best to share your talents, the best pawn shops to sell to, and how you can get into things like Rideshare and how to become an Airbnb distributor.

Try not to do anything that you wouldn’t be good at. What will work for another may not work for you. Nonetheless, find ways to have fun while making money. That’s what Vegas is all about: the fun!


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