Guide to Earning Extra Money in a Salon

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So, you’re trying to make more money working a salon? It’s hard out there. Maybe business is slow. And who doesn’t want a bigger paycheck? Whatever your reasons, we’ve got your answers. Whatever the job, there are always ways to bump up that income.

That’s what this site is all about. It’s our mission to show you how to capitalize on your skills to make more money. Opportunities are everywhere, whatever the industry. And today we focus on stylists. So, keep reading to find out how to make extra money in a salon.

Beauty is big business. Ever since the days of Cleopatra, people have idolized those they found beautiful. And even before that, humans and animals have tried making themselves more to attractive to get noticed and have more self-confidence.

And there isn’t a universal idea of what makes something beautiful, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. It’s about feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. And, working in a salon, you get to help others realize that ideal look. It’s wonderful being able to help others, but this about making more money, right? Right! Okay then. Let’s check out 5 great ways to make more money at a salon.

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how to make extra money in a salon

How to Make Extra Money in a Salon

Expand Your Skill Set

More education always gives you more options. Learn all you can about the services your salon offers. Some might require special certifications. You can probably get your employer to help pay for training as the skills gained will help the business. Doing this will also make you an attractive job candidate to higher-end salons that pay more. You’ll be master of the salon in no time!

Promote Your Own Products

Do you have an inventive side? Maybe you’ve designed a new hair or makeup product. You’re workplace is a great place to market it. Talk to your boss and offer to share some of the profits in exchange for letting you promote your own products. This way you don’t have to spend your own time and money on advertising. It’s also a nice way to get feedback and gauge public opinion.

Attract More Clients

This one might seem obvious but try to stand out from fellow stylists. Show off your skills! Your coworkers might not like losing clients to you, but they should have worked harder. Prove your worth. Give customers experiences they’ll never forget. Soon you’ll be invaluable as an employee and your boss be giving you raises and bonuses just to keep you around.

Launch a Side Business

Start a side-hustle in your spare time. Ask clients if they wish your salon offered any other services, then launch an independent business providing them. It’s an easy way to refer customers. Just be careful to keep it on the downlow. If you’re successful you might even be able to switch to that full-time and get to be your own boss. No more working weekends and reporting to someone else.

Start Blogging & Vlogging

You’re sure to have some beauty expertise, so who not share it with others? Make blog and jump on social media. Post videos with beauty tips and self-care tutorials. Do reviews on cosmetics and haircare products. People will see you as a trusted authority given your work experience. So, use affiliate programs, like Amazon Associates, to sponsor your favorite products to get a share of the sales.

Start a Loyalty Program

If you haven’t already established a loyalty program for your clients, it’s time to get started today. Even if your books are usually full, loyalty programs are a phenomenal way to learn how to make extra money in a salon. When your clients realize they’re getting rewards by paying for your services, they’ll be more likely to book more often.

When designing a loyalty program, you have complete control over the rewards you provide to your clients. For example, if they spend a certain amount of money, you could offer free waxing or a free massage. Other rewards could include discounts on in-salon services or products that you carry.

As with any other retail location, when customers have access to free benefits, they’re more likely to take advantage. With a loyalty program, you’ll be able to keep all of your favorite clients on your books and attract new ones. You’ll start benefiting in other ways, such as getting better online reviews.

The happier your clients are when they leave your salon, the more likely they’ll be to leave a positive review. As a result, your online rankings will shoot up, boosting your salon’s visibility and popularity. Before you know it, you’ll be one of the top-rated places for clients in your area to visit.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Another essential method of knowing how to make extra money in a salon is social media. TikTok and Instagram are two incredibly valuable platforms for salon owners, especially as these sites are entirely free.

With TikTok, you can provide informative and engaging videos and snippets to your audience. Instagram is a little more diverse, offering the ability to upload photos and videos to share with your followers.

You’ll want to show off your most impressive work either as a stylist or a salon owner. The more unique your content is, the more people will follow, generating more in-person traffic.

There are plenty of salons that implemented a social media regime and have doubled their bookings in weeks. This benefit is particularly noticeable if you offer high-quality, specialty services. It’s also a phenomenal way to spread general awareness of your salon rather than relying on a standard website and Google rankings.

Instagram helps generate more income by driving more traffic to your website and increasing your bookings. TikTok is the same, but the platform allows you to monetize your content once you get popular enough.

Before long, your social media will begin generating income for you, creating a fantastic source of passive income.

tips on how to make extra money in a salon

Create Online Courses

With the effects of Covid-19 worldwide, more people are taking their hair into their own hands. Also, with growing restrictions across states and provinces, it can be challenging for clients to get booked into a salon. If you’ve found your income has decreased significantly because of the pandemic, it’s time to flock to the internet.

Offering online courses is a fantastic way to help your community learn how to manage their hair at home effectively. It doesn’t mean you have to open an online beauty school, although that could also be profitable! An alternative is to walk clients through typical day-to-day maintenance for their hair.

For example, you could teach how to do quick trims, keep hair moisturized over the winter, and more. You also have complete control over whether you want to offer the courses live or if you’d prefer to pre-record them. With pre-recorded classes, simply charge a fee for a membership so your audience can unlock your content.

One of the best ways to monetize your content is to design a membership website. You can also place ads and affiliate links to help generate additional income with your own site.

Design a Salon Subscription Model

As one of the more unique options for salon owners and stylists, a subscription model (like Netflix) can be beneficial. Instead of charging your clients by service, you charge a flat-rate fee that they pay monthly. With this process, they can then book an appointment during the month to come in for services.

Salons’ subscription services can be quite profitable, especially if you have competitive rates. It’s also a much simpler way to gather and retain clients over a longer period. Your clients will be more inclined to make regular appointments with monthly payments, keeping your books full.

You’ll also find it easier to budget your expenses as you’ll know how much income your salon generates that month. You can effectively manage your finances to benefit from the subscriptions.


You’ve definitely got options for making more money at your salon. And some of them don’t require much extra effort. It helps if you get along with your supervisor, but you can go your own way too. Tap into your creative side and get your ideas out there. The bigger risk you want to take, the more you can potentially make. You’re likely a people person already, so take advantage of that. Make connections. Whether you’re looking for exposure or soliciting clients, it’s all about who you know.

Did you enjoy this post? Please share your thoughts below. We know it can be a struggle out there. That’s why we created this blog, to show you simple ways to make more money, whatever you’re passionate about. We hope our ideas help you.

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