Fast Money Making Ideas in Miami

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Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, warm climate, and awesome nightlife scene. It’s a great place to live and is a hot tourist destination too. But all that popularity comes with a price because Miami is also known to be pretty expensive. So how do locals bankroll their glamorous lifestyles, you might ask? That’s what this post looks to answer. We’re showing you not just how to make money, but how to make it quickly if you live Miami. Keep reading to find out how to make fast money in Miami.

How to Make Money Fast in Miami

Miami is reasonably large, it’s population is just under 500,000 as of 2021. And if you include all the tourism it gets, that gives you lots of potential business. You may not want a full-time job if you’re just looking to make money fast. So, these are easy ways to get cash, but they’re not all good full-time options.

Join the Tourism Industry

Tourism is alive and well in Miami. It’s especially popular among college students on spring break. That’s a huge business opportunity. And tourism jobs are usually really easy. Travelers just want to learn about wherever they’re travelling, and you’re already an expert. From travel guide, to street vendor, there all lots of options to choose from. Check out a list of ideas below. And, if you like it, this idea has potential as a long-term career.

Easy Jobs in Tourism

  • Local Tour Guide
  • Travel Photographer
  • Street Vendor
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Driver/Chauffeur
  • Hotel/Motel Clerk
  • Concierge
  • Resort Worker

How to Make Fast Money in Miami

Short-Term Opportunities

Temp agencies and job placement centers make their money finding people work as soon as possible. That makes them a great place to start if you need cash right away. Lots of the openings require minimal experience so landing a job isn’t very hard. You might not love every opportunity, but remember, this is about how to make money quickly. Most projects are short-term, but some are temp-to-hire, so it’s worth considering for longer term too.

Best Resources for Finding Work in the Miami Area

Get Rid of Your Old Junk

You’ve probably got old stuff lying around that others would want to purchase. Selling your belongings is easier than ever, with sites like eBay. This lets you clean house while making money at the same time. And if you’re willing to spend a bit, try your hand at reselling other people’s property. Head to yard sales and antique stores to find valuable items, then put them on the market higher prices. You can make huge profits reselling.

Where to Sell Your Stuff


Sell Your Body

Yes, you read that right. But we’re not talking about anything illegal, so get your mind out of the gutter. Visit the local blood clinic if you’re seriously desperate and hard up for cash. Most places don’t sell for blood donations anymore, but plasma is in high demand. One website says donor’s can make up to $1,100! You can also offer to be a lab subject for medical trials. Human hair is another good option. Remember that Seinfeld episode? Seriously though, it’s worth looking into.

Where to Donate Plasma for Money in Miami

How to Make Fast Money in Miami


You don’t have to let Miami’s high price stop you from enjoying yourself. Instead, try to capitalize on it’s popularity. Take advantage of the thriving business and tourism scenes. There’s already lots of wealth down there, so they’re certainly enough to go around.

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