How to Make Money as a Kid Online in 2022

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Kids cannot go out into the work world and land a job for their own protection. But, not having any money of their own can make them feel extra small, especially around the holidays.

They may want to buy a toy they want all on their own or feel the joy of giving a gift that they bought themselves. Fortunately, children and teens can still find ways to earn some cash.

Read on to learn how to make money as a kid online!

Rent Toys

Some families cannot afford to buy the toys their children want. Others simply cannot find space in their homes for anything extra. Besides, kids often play for things and then toss them once to the side once it loses novelty.

What if they could rent toys for a minimal fee and then return them days or weeks later? This could give children on one end the chance to try out something awesome and kids on the other end a cool way to make money online.

How to Make Money as a Kid Online Selling Toys

How would this work?

Sort through toys that you no longer play with. Rent out anything that seems valuable for others.

You can sell them online too, with sites like eBay.

Decide on a pricing scale for each item. Place a time limit for rentals and tack on a late fee charge per day not returned.

Something like a video game system might go for a premium price. Action figures might get grouped together and go as a set in a plastic bin.

Create a business Gmail and place a local ad online. Make sure it directs people to your webpage and check your business email often.

Make sure people pay upfront. Use an app that allows you to hold a deposit so you do not lose valuables.

Ask your parents to help with exchanges. And never give out your address.


For a safe online business option, try to start a blog.

You will need to set up a blog website. Simply writing does not make you money.

You will need sponsors who pay for ad space on your website. Start with an idea for your blog that you think people will want to read about.

Stick with your niche when you put up posts and create a schedule to get people excited for content. Post only high-quality stuff by making it grammatically correct and adding pictures that go with the reading.

Look on established competitor blog sites to see who sponsors them. Create a price per ad based on your current page traffic and reach out to brands that match your idea. You might also monetize your page with a widget like Adsense.


Make extra money doing what you love. Create a YouTube channel and videotape yourself doing things you enjoy.

This could turn into one of the most lucrative kids’ business ideas. Ryan Kaji, a famous child YouTuber, raked in nearly 30 million dollars with 40 million viewers simply having fun with his friends and family.

Don’t just copy Ryan. Think about what you love, characteristics that make you unique, and special talents you possess.

Pick a niche that allows you to use these things to your advantage. Can you give insight on history, anime, characters, animals, etc?

Or, maybe your silly personality can make people laugh. Does your family travel so you can show kids cool things they can do in different places?

Some kids with awesome imaginations simply play pretend to capture the audience’s attention. Teens with special skills in video games might stream the game as they play.

Monetize your YouTube channel similar to the way would a blog. Ask your parents before you put your face or family online!


How to Make Money as a Kid Online

Ask for a good camera when holidays roll around. Making money online with photography can feel fun and rewarding.

Take pictures of nature, scenery, or something else that catches your interest. Play with angles and lighting to produce something unique.

Use online editors to level up the photograph when necessary and add special effects. But, do not over edit or it can take away from your work.

Create your own website to sell your pictures online through a gallery. Or, put your photos into a stock gallery, like Shutterstock, Folia, or Pond5, and earn money as people buy your work through an already established site with high traffic volume.


One of the best online jobs for teens is tutoring! Help yourself grow academically while helping peers or children younger than you.

If you ace a class or enjoy a specific subject that you spend lots of downtime learning on your own, then you can tutor it to kids who struggle. Or, if you organize extremely well, offer sessions where you teach other kids how to do the same with school stuff and managing time.

Talk with your parents and teachers about your plan. If your parents give permission then maybe they can offer your services to other parents of your schoolmates. Advertise online too and tutor via Zoom for everybody!

Get Paid to Take Surveys & Play Games

Reward sites, like and Survey Junkie, pay you for simple activities. You can make a few bucks in a few minutes by answering online surveys, watching short videos, installing apps, and lots of other easy online tasks.

Survey sites like this offer fun ways to make money online. They usually pay you in the form of gift cards instead of cash, but you get lots stores to choose from. And that means you don’t need any credit cards or bank accounts to get paid either.

Create an App

What do kids your age like or need that is not yet accessible to them? If you come up with a great idea for a product or service, jump on it!

Create an app that you can sell. Keep your idea quiet until it launches so nobody steals it and beats you to the finish.

For a high-quality app, you will need to learn how to code. Use free online coding programs to help you on your way!

Now, you can also find app-building sites that eliminate the need for coding knowledge. But, you will pay for the convenience.

Try Affiliate Marketing

You might need to be a little older for this one, but affiliate marketing, is one of the easiest ways beginners can make money online.

The concept is simple. You promote someone else’s products, and get paid a small commission whenever they make a sale.

It’s like you’re the advertiser for a virtual lemonade stand. Social media is a great way to reach lots of people.

Learn How to Make Money as a Kid Online Conclusion

Do any of these ideas spark your entrepreneurial interest? If so, learn how to make money as a kid online by further researching the topic.

Create a full list of what you will need and talk with your parents. And check out the terms of any websites before signing up. There’s often an age requirement, and some don’t let you make an account if you’re not at least 13 years old. Find online resources that teach you how to safely get paid online.

Looking for something different? Browse through job opportunities and think of ways you can make them into your own online.


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