Easy Ways to Make Cash as a Student in Ukraine

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Are you trying to figure out how to make money in Ukraine as a student? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at How to Earn Extra, we’re dedicated to finding new and easy ways for people to make money. This post shows you the best ideas for how to make money as a student in Ukraine.

It can be especially hard for full-time students. School expenses are so high that many people don’t bother going to college anymore. But, despite what some say, more education still gives you better opportunities and a higher salary later in life. How do you pay for that education though? Student loans help, but they can leave you with lots of debt. So, you want to find work to help offset those expenses.

How to Make Money in Ukraine as a Student – Intro

School is demanding. It takes up so much time that it’s already like having a full-time job. That’s why these methods are totally flexible, depending on your schedule. It’s great if you’re able to work full-time while going to school, but many people just don’t have enough time. It’s also dangerous using so much energy. You can suffer from burnout and put your health at risk.

how to make money as a student in Ukraine

Work as a Teacher’s Assistant

Becoming a teaching assistant is ideal because it naturally fits in with your schooling. You’ll need to be in good academic standing and should really know your stuff. Good time management is important too because you’ll still be taking classes of your own. The work is pretty simple, things like grading papers. But competition is tough as there aren’t many spots available.

Get Freelancing Opportunities

Online freelancing is an easy way to make spare cash in your free time. Big websites have made their names catering to freelancers looking for work. It’s a hugely popular working style, and there are options for everyone. Upload your resume to the masses seeking help with short term projects. Income can vary, but finding freelance work is easy.

Complete Online Surveys

Filling out surveys is another awesome method to bring in more money as a student. The flexible is whenever you want. Thousands of sites pay you for answering brief questionnaires on a variety of topics. They’ll even pay for things like watching videos, clipping coupons, signing up for free offers, and other easy activities.

Teaching the Language

People love learning new languages. But only about 2/3 of the Ukrainian population speaks the language. The other main language is Russian. That gives you a great opportunity to teach the language to other residents and tourists. You can also serve as a translator. Online learning platforms and video streaming makes it easy to do remotely.

Make Money Teaching as a Student In Ukraine by Teaching Language

Medical Studies & Research Groups

Are you willing to be a guinea pig? Paid medical studies and research groups are often seeking participants. Some of them may include labs which require your consent to undergo testing, but you’re not the doing the work which makes this an easy way to increase your cash flow. Blood banks will also pay you for donating plasma.

Part-Time Work from Home

Customer service jobs are largely shifting to work-from-home setups. Most positions don’t require any experience and the work is usually really simple. Examples include entering orders, providing phone support, and telemarketing. And since it’s remote, the companies are usually in other countries with different time zones, so the schedule doesn’t conflict with school.

Jobs in the Tourism Industry

Ukraine is a popular tourist destination. It’s an ancient region, with a unique culture and rich with history. And tourists are interested in learning all that information. Lots of jobs tourism jobs don’t require much experience and you’re being a local gives you a leg up. Sharing your knowledge of your homeland with visitors is an easy paycheck.

How to Make Money in Ukraine as a Student – Conclusion

Ukraine is full of easy work opportunities. Traditional 9 to 5 jobs don’t work well for many students. The methods described above let you do it your way. Employers are getting more flexible to adapt to the needs of their workers. And a rise in freelancing options has made it easier for people to work for themselves. That’s all good news for students trying to make money in school.

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