Comprehensive Guide to Making Money Building Computers

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Necessity is the mother of invention, and gamers need graphics, speed, and memory; something they can’t get on a prebuilt PC. So, you decided to try to build your own gaming PC and realized that it’s easier than you thought. You can add everything you need from the latest graphics to the most amount of RAM and storage. Next thing you know, you’ve built a custom gaming PC! If you’re looking to learn how to make money building computers but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered.

How to Make Money Building Computers

What started as a hobby quickly turned into a relevant way to earn extra money, and it’s not just gamers who are looking for the fastest computer with the most memory. Information technology and data specialists also need computers with fast processing speeds and RAM.

Why not turn this hobby into a way to earn extra cash by building computers?

How to Make Money Building Computers

Before You Get Started

You will need to check your local requirements for selling online. You may need a business license, tax ID number, or other required documentation to conduct business over the web. Tax ID numbers are often required on various online selling platforms as well, so make sure you meet all of the requirements needed before you begin selling online.

Also, depending on where you purchase your computer parts from, you may need a tax ID number to purchase parts at a wholesale level. A tax ID number allows you to purchase inventory at a wholesale level rather than a retail level. This is important because buying computer hardware at a wholesale level will save you money as they are priced cheaper than at retail.

How to Make Money Building Computers in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Make a Budget & Business Plan

You will need to make a budget that includes the cost of all the parts you’ll need to build the gaming PC. This will include the cost of the graphics card, processor, motherboard, RAM, and power supply.

You will also need to make a business plan that includes how to advertise your computers, on what platform to sell your computers, and how much profit you want to make from each computer you sell.

Selling computers on Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace are great ways to reach customers, especially those who are looking for specific items like gaming PCs.

Step 2: Buy the PC Parts

The best place to buy the parts you’ll need for your PC is online. There are tons of different retailers that sell old computers and computer parts cheap.

For gaming, you should put a significant amount of consideration into what kind of graphics card you buy. You will need a good graphics card that will keep up with the latest technology so that it can distribute the graphics correctly on the screen.

You’ll also need fast processing speed and storage space, so make sure your computer is equipped with enough RAM and storage space.

Newegg is one of the most popular sites specializing in computer equipment, so it’s a good place to look for the necessary parts.

Step 3: Assemble and Test the PC

Once you have all of your parts, it’s time to build the PC. If you’ve built computers before, then you should already be familiar with this process.

If this is your first time putting all of the parts together, you’ll need to make sure each part works correctly, beginning with the operating system. You’ll likely need to run diagnostics tests to work out any bugs within the system.

When selling computers, this step is the most important. You shouldn’t sell a computer that hasn’t been tested or hasn’t passed any of the diagnostic tests. That’s bad business and you can quickly become an untrustworthy seller.

Is your computer customizable? Building a customizable computer can appeal to many users. Gamers will often opt for custom PC cases with lights, backplates, and skins. Read online gaming PC forums to see how gamers prefer to customize their PCs so that you can create a product that users will want to purchase and customize.

How to Make Money Building Computers

Step 4: List the PC

List the computer for sale online and use social media for marketing. Buyers may offer less than what you have listed the computer for, so make sure you clear the profit margin you have set in your budget.

Buyers may also have specific questions related to the computer, such as what type of graphics card it has, how fast the processor is, or what kind of memory options it has. Make sure that the description of the PC includes all of the information pertaining to the following:

  • Operating system
  • Hard drive capacity
  • SSD capacity
  • Storage type
  • Brand (Intel, Dell, etc.)
  • Type
  • Processor
  • Maximum RAM capacity
  • RAM size
  • Connectivity/power supply

Step 5: Keep Accurate Records and Documentation

This step is important for any business. You will need to keep accurate records and documentation relating to your business. This includes receipts from parts you have purchased, invoices that you have sent buyers, business licenses, and tax ID numbers.

If you have earned more than the exemption amount for income tax, you will need to claim the amount on your federal and state income taxes, so make sure you have all of your receipts and invoices to make this process as easy as possible.

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Things to Remember

  • Purchase PC parts at an affordable price so that you can make the most money. Try to find an online wholesaler that sells PC parts at wholesale costs rather than retail so that you can make as much of a profit as possible.
  • Test the PC. Make sure all components of the gaming PC are working so that your buyer doesn’t run into any issues when trying to use the computer.
  • Keep accurate records and documentation. This will make it easy to keep track of purchases, finances, and tax information.

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Final Thoughts

You can make money building computers by purchasing computer parts at an affordable price and then assembling the computers to sell for a profit.

If you’re building and selling computers for gamers, you’ll want to make sure the computer is equipped with exceptional graphics, memory, and operating speed. You should also try to make the computer customizable so that gamers can add any lights, skins, or backplates to make their PC more personal.

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