How to Earn Cash Fast if You’re Homeless

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Are you living on the streets and looking to make some fast cash? You might be down on your luck, but there are still ways you can make a few bucks quickly. And that’s what today’s post is all about, how to make money fast if you’re homeless.

How to Make Money Fast if You’re Homeless

Times are hard. The cost of living keeps going up and many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Some have been evicted and are temporarily without homes. But there’s still hope! If you’re currently homeless and desperately needing cash, here are the best ways to quickly make money.

tips on how to make money fast if you’re homeless

Best Ways to Make Money Fast When You’re Homeless

Collecting Bottles and Cans

Turning in used bottles and cans is an easy way to cash in without much effort. Some states pay you as much as $0.10 for each item returned. That adds up pretty quickly!  You can get some exercise and clean up your town at the same time. It’s not an option everywhere though, so check out the State Beverage Container Deposit Laws beforehand to see if your state is listed.

Selling Blood Plasma

Blood plasma is in such high demand that medical labs will pay you for donating it. The process only takes about two hours and you can expect to earn between $30-$60 per visit. CSL Plasma even promises to give you over $1,000 in your first month of donating. You need to be at least 18 years old and pass a medical exam in order to donate.

Odd Jobs Around the Neighborhood

Another good method for making money is by offering to help around your neighborhood. This would be odd jobs mostly. You wouldn’t be a regular employee, but it lets you work now without waiting on applications and filling out tax information. Businesses often need an extra hand with small things like cleaning up, advertising, and short-term manual labor.

Selling Your Stuff

If you’re really desperate, consider selling some of your remaining property. Or, take it to a pawn shop as collateral for a loan. Then, pay it back with interest when you can. Selling your things is probably the fastest way to get cash. People are always leaving old stuff on the sidewalk, marked as “free”. So, keep and eye out and you can resell those items too.

Panhandling and Asking for Support

This idea involves the least actual work, but in some ways it’s the hardest one on the list. Asking for help can be demoralizing, especially if you’ve always taken care of yourself. But, sometimes it’s your last resort. Furthermore, panhandlers get a bad rap, some rightfully so. They’re viewed as lazy, and some aren’t even homeless. Just be sure you’ve tried the other options first.

Find Farm Work

Finding work that can accommodate your schedule and lifestyle can help you learn how to make money fast if you’re homeless. Farm work is one of the more popular avenues to consider, especially if you live in a state known for its farming, such as Florida or California.

One of the largest benefits of farm work is that there’s a potential to have housing and a job in one convenient package. Some farm owners are looking for hands to reside on the premises, meaning you’ll live where you work. This is more convenient for the landowner, but it can also unlock various benefits for you.

Many farmhands have comfortable accommodations, easy transportation to work, and meals included for their services. During the day, you’ll be able to work in a motivational environment to keep your mind and hands busy. There’s no doubt that farm work is also a physically taxing job, helping to keep your body healthy over the coming months.

As long as you can find a reputable employer that’s willing to ensure you’re taken care of as an employee, the benefits are endless. If you work on a fruit or vegetable farm, you may also benefit from free fruits and vegetables after your shift.

Work in a Hostel

Another fantastic idea to learn how to make money fast if you’re homeless is working in a hostel. Hostels are found in every major city worldwide, helping travelers find affordable accommodation. As a hostel worker, you’ll be able to meet people from different countries and have access to a safe place to stay.

When working in a hostel, you’ll have various responsibilities similar to people who work for hotels. You’ll be required to manage the people staying in every room, cleaning facilities, managing shared meals, etc. An exciting part of working in a hostel is the conversations you’ll be able to have with guests.

You’ll help by providing local knowledge to tourists to help them find some of the best things your city has to offer. This advice can help travelers have experiences they wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise. Plus, you have the added benefit of sleeping off of the street for the duration of your employment.

Depending on the type of hostel you work for, you may also have access to free meals, showers, and more. On top of these benefits, you’ll be earning a reasonable income to put into savings to use as needed.

Sign Up for Pharmaceutical Trials

Pharmaceutical trials are an essential part of the healthcare industry, and they can be profitable for homeless and unhoused individuals. If you’ve ever listened to the radio, you’ve likely heard them advertising different trials for various medications. By visiting other pharmaceutical companies and marketing agencies, you can get your name on a list of potential testers.

It’s important to note these trials are often recommended for individuals who have relatively good health. Also, you’ll want to ensure you’re signing up for trials that have few side effects to keep your health in check. With that said, medical professionals who protect your safety often run them.

Signing up for pharmaceutical trials is relatively simple, and they’re popular for homed and homeless people. All you have to do is meet the testing criteria, take the medicine they’re testing, and report any side effects you might experience. After the study, you’ll get paid for your participation.

These trials can be quite profitable, especially if you sign up for several throughout the year. Some studies offer as much as $500, which can be a great way to build your savings.

Offer Snow Clearing Services

Winter is undoubtedly the most challenging time for homeless people, especially with the cold and snow. One of the best ways to make this time of year work for you is to offer snow clearing services. You would be surprised at the number of households that would love to have their sidewalks and driveways cleared over the winter.

The best part about snow clearing services is that they require little overhead costs; all you’ll need is a shovel. It’s a great way to keep yourself occupied during the coldest days of the year and can be a great workout. You’ll need to establish a schedule to ensure you clear several driveways in your neighborhood.

One of the top recommendations is to consider searching out elderly individuals in your area. Clearing snow on their properties is a fantastic way to give back to your community while also making money for your efforts. You could make hundreds of dollars clearing three to four driveways daily, depending on your set rates.

The largest downside to snow clearing services is that it can be challenging to predict the weather. Unfortunately, this makes it an unreliable method of earning income but can be helpful for extra cash over the winter.

how to make money fast if you’re homeless

How Much Money Will You Make?

You certainly won’t make as much as you would with a job. But if you had a job you probably wouldn’t be homeless and needing fast cash to begin with. The amount you can make with these methods will vary. Selling your belongings will probably give you the quickest return, but the amount will depend on how much the buyer is willing to pay. Donating plasma only takes a couple hours, but it involves a bit of work beforehand. Begging on the street could potentially give you a few hundred dollars in just a few hours, but you need to be comfortable doing it. And, finally, recycling items will probably give the lowest return in so short a time.

Are You in a Hurry to Make Money?

In such a money-driven society, everyone must have access to reliable, safe, and trustworthy sources of income. As an unhoused person, it’s essential to take advantage of safe and legal money-making opportunities as quickly as possible. With a reasonable income, you can then begin to save towards a better and brighter future.

Until you find a job prospect, there are several options open to you to help you get back on your feet. Regularly contact local homeless shelters and food kitchens to find shelter and food to get you by. Once employed, you’ll have the resources needed to provide for yourself.


Hopefully this post gives you a few good ideas for making money while homeless. I hope you’re not in such a bad place to begin with, but life is crazy. Things are looking better than a few years ago, but the world isn’t perfect, and homelessness will continue to be a problem. But don’t give up! Remember, there are people out there who want to help. Go to your local social services for help finding connecting with employers and getting back on track. Until then, read about other easy ways of making money.


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