This is How to Make Money from ClickBank in Nigeria

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ClickBank can be a great way to bring in some extra cash. Some people are even able to use it to for a full-time income. But what if you live in Nigeria where ClickBank isn’t allowed? What are your options then? Keep reading to find out how to make money from ClickBank in Nigeria!

Learn How to Make Money from ClickBank in Nigeria

There are still easy ways Nigerians can make money with ClickBank’s affiliate program, and we cover each method in detail. First though, let’s take a look at just what ClickBank is and why it’s in Nigeria.

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What is ClickBank?

Created in 1998, ClickBank is one the most popular affiliate networks out there. Internet marketers use it to promote all sorts of affiliate products and get paid in sales commissions. It’s usually really easy to open a ClickBank account because they don’t require an application. You can get started in just a few minutes! But what happens if you live in Nigeria?

How to Make Money from ClickBank in Nigeria

This is the message people see when trying to create a ClickBank account in Nigeria.

So why is ClickBank banned in Nigeria?

Nigeria has a bad reputation unfortunately. There are lots of fraudsters known for scamming people out of money. And ClickBank wants to prevent that misuse, so it’s restricted the country from using its platform. Blocking an entire country seems a bit extreme though. Everyone isn’t a criminal!

Luckily, there are still ways to make money online using ClickBank in Nigeria.

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Method #1: Ask a Friend


  1. Ask a close friend or relative in another country to set up an account for you
  2. Offer something in exchange as an incentive (profit sharing, trade for something they need, etc.)
  3. Promote ClickBank products using your friend’s account


  • Easiest method to create
  • Potential to earn more
  • Safest/most legitimate way to make money with ClickBank because you’re using an actual account, but just from another location


  • You need to know someone in a country accepted by ClickBank
  • Potential for less earnings if your partner wants cut of profits
  • Lack of control over account may lead to trouble if relationship turns bad, so you need to find someone you really trust

Method #2: Outsource It


  1. This is basically a variation of the first method, but you don’t need to have a friend/relative in an accepted country
  2. Find someone on social media or a freelancing site like Fiverr
  3. Arrange for the other person to set up an account to promote chosen affiliate offer


  • You don’t need to already know someone in another country so anyone can do it
  • Not breaking ClickBank rules because you’re still using a legitimate account
  • Easy way to gain access to verified ClickBank accounts


  • More risk of deal going bad because you don’t know your partner beforehand
  • Probably won’t make as much money because the other person will want more in exchange

Method #3: Get a Dedicated IP


  1. Buy dedicated IP address located in an accepted country
  2. Set up an account that address using VPS server
  3. Find product to promote with landing page containing your affiliate links


  • You’re in control of everything / Don’t need to work with someone else
  • Highest earning potential


  • Breaking ClickBank’s TOS would get you banned if they find out
  • May not be worth it because risk is so high
  • Using blackhat techniques

Other Options

There are plenty of ClickBank alternatives if none of these methods work for you. You might consider one of the many affiliate networks that do work in Nigeria. Check out some of my favorites!

ClickBank Alternatives (Allowed in Nigeria)

I hope this post has shown you how to make money from ClickBank in Nigeria. It might have also helped you decide if ClickBank affiliate marketing is right for you. It can be pretty easy, but advertising isn’t for everybody. You can also use ClickBank to sell your own products and let others do the promotion. There are plenty other work-from-home options too!


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