Great Methods to Make Money Hunting

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Can you make money hunting? Most people hunt for fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t profit from it too. Hunting generates billions in revenue each year. So if you’ve wondered about how to make money hunting, there are lots of options.

How to Make Money Hunting

how to make money hunting

Hunt as a Guide

Hunting guide jobs command large fees, taking clients on hunting expeditions that can range in  length from an afternoon to weeks at a time. Guides with years’ worth of experience can make between $2000 to $3000 in a month.

If you’re starting out on how to make money hunting, start small and then increase your rates depending on the danger, the rarity of the animal prize, and the length of the trip. Make sure that your fee is worth your time so you can enjoy it and get the most for your client too while you’re hunting for money.

How to Make Money Hunting Deer


  • Earn from using your existing experience and skills with room to grow
  • Connect with others who love hunting
  • Opportunities for higher paying prizes in niche markets


  • It’s a physically demanding job
  • Limited to hunting seasons

Getting Started

Start small making money hunting as a guide! Check out your state’s requirements for hunting guides. You may need some training or licensing to get started. Then, if you aren’t already connected in your local hunting community, reach out! Find local hunting organizations and make connections. This is a tight community and meeting people can only move you and your business forward.

One strategy here is to work with a local landowner for rights to bring hunting parties there and make sure that your fees are sweet enough to share a portion with the land owner.

Trap and Sell Pelts


Trappers control a number of animal populations, specifically those that are fur-bearing by trapping, according to their state’s law, and selling the fur for profit. This trade is as old as human civilization and it still answers the question of how to make money hunting. As far as income goes, independent trappers can earn around $13,000 in a year selling fur and the United States Department of Agriculture offers a salary of about $30,000 to those lucky enough to snag up a position.

When working independently, trappers have control over their schedules, routes, and selling prices, so be ready to be your own boss here as well.

How to Make Money Hunting Animals


  • Reduce overpopulation of fur-bearing animals
  • Controlling invasive and destructive species
  • Networking in the fur industry


  • Highly regulated industry
  • Limited income potential in the market right now

Getting Started

To start making money trapping, research your state’s Fish and Wildlife administration for the best information about regulations. Then get connected in a trapping organization; they’ll have up to date information and a network of people for support.

Start small with equipment too; buy traps that are allowed in your state that you know how to use and that work reliably for you. No need to burn a stack of cash for a pelt that isn’t going to get you a return.

Create Hunting Content

In today’s world, sharing your genuine thoughts and experiences on social media and beyond allow you to connect with people who share your passion and enjoy getting to know who you are. And the best part is that this can coincide with you just doing things you enjoy.

Hunting content creators are just people who like hunting and who are brave enough to share themselves and their ideas with the world. Your next how-to video could be the one that new enthusiasts turn to for the incredible amount of knowledge involved in hunting. And you could get paid to do it too!

Platforms like TikTok and YouTube pay content creators once they reach a certain number of views or followers and from there, with consistent posting, you can grow to picking up sponsorships from brands you already love. It’ll have your followers Googling how to make money hunting too.

How to Make Money as a Hunter


  • The long term earning potential is high
  • You’ll be known as a hunting content expert
  • You can work as a freelancer and at your own pace
  • Your followers will love you for who you are right now


  • You may have to pick up a few new skills and equipment
  • No immediate payout

Getting Started

While there are lots of content creators out there, you’ll be the only one with your unique perspective and experiences. So the more you pursue the parts of hunting you love most, the more unique content you’ll create.

Start a TikTok or YouTube account and make some videos. They don’t have to be good; the first step is really about being brave enough to put yourself into your videos. You’ll learn as you go and your audience will grow with you so the more candid you can be here, the better. And the more you learn about how to make money hunting, the more you can share with your audience too.

Next time you’re hunting, bring a camera and take some photos. There are lots of resources online to help build photography skills and selling photos is another great way to engage as a creator.

If you enjoy writing, integrate your photos along with your hunting know-how to write content for magazines, or retailers looking for blog content. The world of marketing and advertising wants to benefit from your experience and translating that into text and photos or videos gives you something tangible you can sell.


If you’re still wondering if you can make money hunting, remember that you have unique skills as a hunter that can support you making money hunting. Most pedestrians have no idea how to handle the ‘rogue raccoon in my backyard’ situation.

Publicly, the state will pay anywhere from $5- $75 for animal bounties and privately you can start your own or join another exterminator service and make around $30,000 annually.  If you already work with traps, this would be an easy additional income source and if not, it’s a great baby step to hunting for money.

hunting for money


  • There is a huge public market for extermination
  • You can build a customer base outside the hunting community


  • It’s more challenging to get the visibility you need to grow
  • Not many states dedicate funding to animal bounties

Getting started

Do some research! Learning how to make money hunting starts with you being curious. Find your state’s Wildlife commission and see if they offer bounties. Look in your area for exterminator services and connect with them. Making more connections will only help here as you learn more about the industry and decide whether you’d rather work on your own or with an existing company.

So can you make money hunting?

We all want to make money doing things we love. And the answer is yes! These may be listed separately but any of these income streams can be integrated into a hunting practice that you love. So start with one strategy and just keep building as you go. You’ll notice exactly what feels good and as long as you keep turning toward what you love, you’ll make the money that cares for you.

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