Remote Work Opportunities for Dentists

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Most people don’t think of dentists as being able to work remotely. It’s a very hands-on job, which usually requires one to be onsite to be of any use. But, while dentists may primarily be found working in the office, there are also ways they can make money using the internet. So, this post explains how to make money online as a dentist and the various ways to do it.

How to Make Money Online as a Dentist – 6 Best Ideas

Virtual Dentistry, Diagnosis & Advice

People have virtual doctor’s appointments, so why not offer them to dental patients? Dentists won’t be able to do some things, like taking x-rays and working inside patients’ mouths, they can still offer advice and oral health issues. You can ask people to upload photos with descriptions of their symptoms to help in determining what’s going on. Then, recommend a course of action based on your diagnosis. Issues might be as simple as someone brushing too hard or needing to floss more, which wouldn’t require an office visit. That saves everybody the trouble of setting up a normal appointment for a minor problem.

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You went to school all those years ago and now you can pass that information on to others. Promote oral health awareness and put together “how to” guides on the best ways for people to care for their teeth, mouth, and gums. You might want to serve as a mentor for those just starting school too, offering career advice along the way. Educational platforms like Coursera even let you create entire classes on your area of expertise.

Serve as a Resource

Like teaching, being an educational resource for the general public is another easy way to make money with your dentistry knowledge. Set up YouTube and social media profiles to offer tips and answer questions about oral hygiene. The internet is great for this by allowing you to connect with people all over the world. And you get to do it all from the comfort of your own home!

Reviews & Testimonials

From mouthwashes, to floss picks, to denture and more, there are tons of dental products out there on the marketplace. That gives you, as a dentist, an awesome source of potential side income by offering sponsored reviews and testimonials. You, being a dentist, makes you a trusted authority, which means companies will be clamoring for your mark of approval on their products. And it’s so much more than just a toothbrush and toothpaste anymore. The possibilities are endless!

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Invent Your Own Mouthcare Product

You’re certainly familiar with common dental problems and wish they had an easy fix. Do some brainstorming to try to come up with a helpful new corrective product. Then, once you’ve tested it out and gotten feedback, go into production and sell it online. You don’t have to be the next Thomas Edison. People have made millions off of the simplest of inventions.

Connect with New Clients

This last one isn’t so much of a way to make money online as it is a way to earn more in general. Establish a good online presence to attract new patients. Good social media marketing skills are important as we’re living in an increasingly digital world. It’s become the preferred way to do many of life’s chores, but some things still require an actual visit. That’s where you come in. Spread the word to those needing a good dentist and you’ll see an uptick in business.

How Much Money Can Dentists Make Online?

As a dentist you should already be making good money. According to, the average dentist salary in the US is $171,216. But who doesn’t mind earning more? With a little extra work on the side you can reasonably expect to make at least a few hundred dollars more each month. And if none of these methods appeal to you, just invest more. That’s truly passive income.

Not Just for Dentists

Many of these methods don’t just apply to dentists. Dental hygienists try them as well. Let’s face it, they’re the ones we see the most when going in for appointments. They do most of the maintenance at check-ups (brushing, flossing, x-raying, etc.), so they definitely know their stuff.

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How to Make Money Online as a Dentist – Conclusion

There are a quite a few good ways for dentists to make money online. And none of these takes much extra effort on your part. Most let you do it all on your own time, from any location, and require little to no serious physical labor.

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