Top Remote Work Opportunities for Dentists

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Most people don’t think of dentists as being able to work remotely.

After all, it is a very hands-on job that usually requires one to be onsite to be of any use.

While you often find dentists working in the clinic, there are also ways they can make money using the internet.

Today, we’ll talk about how to make money online as a dentist and the various ways to do it.

How to Make Money Online as a Dentist – 13 Best Ideas

Dentistry and Covid-19

Before the lockdowns, knowing how to make money online as a dentist was not nearly as significant.

That fact has changed, as the outbreak has forced the government to shut down many businesses, including dentists and dental specialists.

With over 198,000 practitioners in the US alone, remote work for dentists has become significantly important.

At this time, states permit the return of conventional dental treatment, with the focus on how to offer safe oral healthcare for patients.

The number of vaccinated individuals is growing each day. However, the transmission of the virus during normal dental operations is still highly regarded.

For now, the resumption of dental treatments is going favorably, but it’s critically important not to be complacent.

how to make money online as a dentist

How To Make Money Online as a Dentist – 13 Best Ideas

Given the uncertainties surrounding when this pandemic will end, remote work opportunities for dentists are now more important than ever.

If you want to try venturing into the online world as a dentist, here’s what you can do:

1. Virtual Dentistry, Diagnosis, and Advice

Virtual doctor’s appointments are commonplace, so why not offer them to dental patients?

Dentists won’t be able to take x-rays and work inside patients’ mouths, but they can still offer advice on oral health issues.

You can ask people to upload photos with descriptions of their symptoms to help figure out what’s going on.

You can then recommend a course of action based on your diagnosis.

Issues might be as simple as someone brushing too hard or needing to floss more, which wouldn’t require an office visit.

That saves everybody the trouble of setting up a normal appointment for a minor problem.

What Is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry can provide an innovative way to restart dental practice in areas with strict social distancing restrictions.

Before the lockdowns, it is already used as a method for patients to straighten their teeth remotely with the help of clear aligners.

Basically, teledentistry utilizes communication technology as a means to conduct dental practices.

By using audio and video collected from patients, dentists can remotely offer dental care services, such as consultation, diagnosis, and patient education.

Teledentistry is often conducted in four ways: synchronous, asynchronous, mHealth, and RPM.


This incorporates a two-way video call via Zoom or other apps between a patient and the dentist.


This involves sharing recorded health information, such as pictures and x-rays, to providers over a secured communication channel.


This type of teledentistry uses mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal digital assistants, to teach patients about dental health.

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring)

Remote patient monitoring or RPM is all about collecting personal dental information and storing it securely for future dental care.

2. Teaching

Another way to earn money online as a dentist is to share your knowledge.

You can promote oral health awareness by putting together “how-to” guides about caring for teeth, mouth, and gums.

Alternatively, you can serve as a mentor for those just starting school, offering career advice along the way.

Educational platforms like Coursera even let you create entire classes on your area of expertise.

3. Serve as a Resource

Like teaching, being an educational resource for the general public is another easy way to make money with your dentistry knowledge.

Set up YouTube and social media profiles to offer tips and answer questions about oral hygiene.

The internet offers a great many platforms for this, allowing you to connect with people all over the world.

The best part? You get to do it all from the comfort of your own home.

4. Reviews and Testimonials

From mouthwashes to floss picks, dentures, and more, there are tons of dental products out there.

That gives you, as a dentist, an incredible source of potential side income by offering sponsored reviews and testimonials.

Being a dentist makes you a trusted authority, which means companies will be clamoring for your mark of approval on their products.

It’s so much more than just a toothbrush and toothpaste anymore—the possibilities are endless.

5. Invent Your Own Mouthcare Product

You’re undoubtedly familiar with common dental problems and wish they had an easy fix.

Do some brainstorming to try and come up with a helpful new corrective product.

Then, after testing it out and getting feedback, go into production and sell it online.

You don’t have to be the next Thomas Edison; people have made millions off of the simplest of inventions.

6. Sell Products Online

Introducing merchandise with customized packaging can aid in promoting your dental practice while earning extra bucks.

Some manufacturers can make toothpaste, teeth-whitening solution, and toothbrushes with your name on them.

As much as possible, hire a private label supplier that promises consistency when it comes to supply, quality, materials, and packaging.

You don’t want defective products that will bring negative annotations to your dental practice.

Then, every time your patients or buyers use them, your dental clinic will constantly refresh their memory.

Doing this will help increase brand recognition for your practice while giving you the chance to earn without direct interaction.

You can employ the services of e-commerce service providers, such as Shopify, to make your products available for purchase.

7. Connect With New Clients

This next bit isn’t so much of a way to make money online as it is a way to earn more in general.

Establish a good online presence to attract new patients.

Good social media marketing skills are essential as we live in an increasingly digital world.

It’s become the preferred way to do many of life’s chores, but some things still require an actual visit.

That’s where you come in.

Spread the word to those needing a good dentist, and you’ll see an uptick in business.

8. Membership Program

While it may not be accurately categorized as remote work, you might want to consider formulating a dental membership program for your patients.

A membership program is similar to Netflix but adapted to your dental practice. 

Patients are subjected to a monthly or annual fee in exchange for exclusive benefits and discounts from your practice.

As an alternative to insurance, a dental membership program allows you to design your own perks and incentives related to your dental service.

In addition to monetary benefits, a membership program enables your practice to concentrate solely on providing high-quality dental care.

It removes any middlemen who may be interfering with your operations as well as diminishes claim denials and delays.

As you can imagine, doing this will ultimately improve your practice. 

It can generate predictable, recurring revenue while ensuring a steady customer base.

9. Write a Book

Before the lockdowns, the prospect of a dentist writing a book can be cumbersome due to lack of time.

If your patients are fewer than expected, you might have some free time to write a book.

Even if you are not confident about your writing skills, you can always look for a capable ghostwriter.

They can narrate your knowledge and experience skillfully without getting the credit.

Provided that dentistry is a highly technical line of work, you may be limited on the intricacies of your profession.

To be fair, it would be challenging for an average joe to get interested in the technicalities of your practice.

However, your book should not necessarily be a technical guide, like explaining the differences between various types of dental implants.

After all, there are already tons of books out there used as a resource for students.

Instead, you could share your patients’ good and interesting experiences at your clinic to inspire readers. 

learn how to make money online as a dentist

10. Study a Specialty

Undoubtedly, learning a specialty takes plenty of time and effort while not generating income immediately. However, if you put in the hours to do the work, it’s something that can significantly increase your revenue. If you can find dentistry programs online that allow you to begin studying in a specialty, there’s no better time than now to try it out.

The American Dental Association recognizes many dental specialties that you can use to your advantage. Some examples include:

  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Oral medicine
  • Oral and maxillofacial pathology, surgery, and radiology
  • Endodontics
  • Dental anesthesiology
  • Dental public health

Not every specialty you find will be available online, so you’ll have to pick carefully. Ideally, you’ll want a program that allows you to have a flexible schedule to continue your full-time work. Once you’ve completed the program, your income will be significantly more than it has ever been.

Another massive advantage of adopting a dental specialty is it helps you diversify your professional portfolio. If you’ve been interested in taking on more clients, there’s no better way to expand your services. Overall, you’ll become a more well-rounded professional who can help to serve your community better.

11. Sell Dental Products Online

If you’re someone who’s always had a passion for reselling or have wanted to open your own store, it’s easier than you’d think. When we talk about selling dental products online, we don’t necessarily mean toothbrushes and toothpaste.

But instead, why not specialize in equipment and accessories dentists and dental hygienists use daily?

As such a niche area, you’ll likely have to invest some money into acquiring quality products. However, once you have a significant inventory, you can make plenty of extra income on the side.

Alternatively, you can take a more fun approach to resell and opt to sell unique items dentists can have in their offices for decor purposes. For example, finding vintage dental decor pieces, refinishing them, and selling them on popular sites like eBay or Kijiji. This side of reselling is far more creative and can turn into a fun hobby than opening an entire dental product store.

12. Participate in Dental Lectures

If you love the idea of teaching but don’t have the time to allocate to developing an online course, you can still put your knowledge to good use. With the prevalence of Covid-19, more industries are transitioning their lectures entirely online. Why not sign up for a conference or lecture to provide your professional opinion to an interested audience?

Dental lectures are a fabulous way to network with others in your field while educating the general public. Most speakers are also paid a reasonable sum, helping you to generate significant income from the comfort of your home. If you enjoy guest lecture spots, you can always consider hosting your own in the future.

If you’re not sure where you can get started, a quick internet search will give you a list of online lectures to consider. You may also find your local dental schools and universities would be willing to have you as a guest lecturer. Ideally, you’ll want to choose the most prolific spots as they’re bound to generate the most income.

13. Create a Dental App

Dentists who always had a passion for technology should try their hands at developing an app. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, apps are becoming the new norm for patients worldwide. You can design different apps, whether for general dental health education or your specific practice.

For example, if you want to transition to a more automated workplace, why not invest in developing a scheduling app?

It would allow your clients to book and manage their appointments from their phones rather than requiring calls. Over time, you’ll find this automated process can help you save time at your practice, putting more money in your pockets.

Alternatively, dentists can also put their knowledge to use to help those in their community with their dental health. Developing an app that helps people find dentists in their area could be incredibly convenient. Although it will require a little bit of time and effort, you’ll have plenty of passive income to rely on if you monetize the app.

How Much Money Can Dentists Make Online?

As a dentist, you should already be making good money.

According to, the average dentist’s salary in the US is $171,216, but who doesn’t want to earn more?

With a bit of extra work on the side, you can reasonably expect to make at least a few hundred dollars more each month.

How To Make Money Online as a Dentist – Conclusion

There are quite a few good ways for dentists to make money online, and none of these takes much extra effort on your part.

Most let you do it all on your own time, from any location, and require little to no serious physical labor.

Many of these methods don’t just apply to dentists, too; dental hygienists can also join in.

Let’s face it; they’re the ones we see the most when going in for appointments.

They do most of the maintenance at check-ups (brushing, flossing, and x-rays), so they definitely know their stuff.

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