Selling Nudes for Cash in 2022

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In this guide on how to make money selling nudes, we’ll look into how easy it is to start a nude-based side business, the essentials needed to make it a success, and some of the most popular sites working with adult content entrepreneurs.

How to Make Money Selling Nude Photos & Videos

For the bold and social media-savvy, the option has always been there.

But in recent years, thanks to an explosion in sites catering to a specific clientele and those willing to capitalize on the trend, selling nude photos and videos is everywhere.

It’s a great side-hustle. With just a bit of initiative, investment in good technology, and clever self-promotion, just about anyone can turn their provocative photos or clips into some serious cash.

There’s a wide range of potential earnings, but you can easily make upwards of hundreds and even thousands of dollars each week.

Getting Started

It’s not a simple as pointing and shooting. Even though jumping into the money-for-nudes business is relatively easy, before you get going, there are several key aspects to keep in mind.

Be of Age

Remember: Regardless of your gender identity, you must be at least 18 years old to sell your nudes legally.

Think About How Your Business Will Operate

Selling nude photos and videos is done using various platforms, mostly online. Take some time to think about a business plan that matches your ability, knowledge of technology, and schedule.

First, decide whether you’ll be offering photos, videos, or both. From there, how do you want to monetize the goods you’re selling?

Do you want to charge by the photo or the video or perhaps launch a monthly or yearly fee so people can subscribe to your business? All are viable options.

Those who charge one photo or video at a time usually do so privately rather than displaying content publicly on a website.

That means you’ll be putting in a lot of work — and likely sending out your photos and videos directly through personal email or social media accounts.

The subscription model is increasingly popular for those just starting out and still learning how to make money selling nudes.

You may still be using a social platform to send out your product, but it won’t likely be your personal page — and it eliminates the option of sending out individual shots or videos to buyers.

Think About Your Target Audience

Those who sell their nude photographs or videos online run the gamut in terms of tone and content. The look and feel of it might change over time, but it helps to start with a solid foundation by catering to a specific audience.

Will you keep it more tame or go a little wild? How far are you willing to stretch the boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. You’re the one in control so you get make all the decisions. You should also try to put out new content on a regular schedule. Aim for at least a few times per week.

It may be difficult to pinpoint your audience at first if you’re a newbie on the scene, but researching those successful in the world of nude commerce can often help.

Look to celebrities and social media influencers for tips on how to market your content and what fans are looking for.

You want to offer something unique to buyers, but take note of what’s already working well for others.

Invest in Equipment

The tools you use to make money selling nudes don’t have the be the most expensive and latest technology available, but you’ll want it to be able to get the job done.

Depending on what you will be offering, you could do everything just using a  smartphone. They’re a great option and won’t break the bank.

Mid-range to high-end video cameras, like a Canon or a Sony, are easy to use and relatively inexpensive too.

If you feel technologically challenged at first, you may be able to get some assistance. Consider reaching out to a especially from a budding photographer or videographer looking for experience. They might even be willing to help for free, depending on how much work is involved.

Pick Your Web Platform


Whether you sell your photos or clips through subscriptions or the pay-per-view model, there are several apps and websites that take a lot of the guesswork out of how to make money selling nudes.

Often these sites will take a certain percentage of your earnings in exchange for hosting your content. Many let you keep between 70-80% of what you make, but some sites, like ModelHub, take a whopping 35% of the cut.

Here are some of the top sites to consider:


Preferred by many who want to sell their nudes without the help of a big platform company, Snapchat is a breeze to use and set up your business on.


Popular with a range of celebrities, from models and singers to reality TV stars, OnlyFans has quickly become a behemoth in the world of adult content.

You have to do the promotion yourself, but you get to keep 80% of your earnings. You can sell subscriptions, photos, and video clips.

OnlyFans offers various pricing tiers for your prospective customers, making me it accessible than some other sites.


how to make money selling nudes

Chaturbate uses a fee that accepts tokens collected as cash for fans to unlock different videos and photos sold through your profile. You also have the option of creating live cam shows. You also keep 80% what you make on the site.


Another popular site for selling videos, ManyVids lets you add videos and photos that can be unlocked for different prices.

The website also offers “badges” as accomplishments that help you promote your business. Subscriptions are commonly offered at between $10-$20 per month.


FanCentro and Chaturbate work seamlessly with Snapchat, allowing you to cross-promote yourself and attract more subscribers to your Snapchat account.

You also set your own price for memberships to your feed.


Similar to Chaturbate, BongaCams is well known for its nude cam shows and live chats.


The adult-content platform houses photos, videos, and the option for your fans to “tip” you, similar to OnlyFans.


Tapping into the fetish market, iWantClips specializes mostly in domination videos created by women. You can do solo or group work.

A nice private messaging tool lets you chat directly with fans and take requests.


A site hosting over 5 million movies that trend toward the amateur and fetish side, Clips4sale also hosts content from more established adult content studios.


You get to keep a super high 85% of earnings. Erotiflix is highly regarded for keeping its models’ sensitive information private and for its user-friendly management options.


Hosting both one-time tips and subscriptions, JustForFans offers 80%-85% payoffs and a wide variety of content for both the straight and gay communities, as well as a lot of trans and non-binary content.

The Bottom Line

There are several different approaches on how to make money selling nudes. Think about what content you want to offer and how you want to offer it. Then choose your platform and you’ll being bringing in some cash in no time.

There’s a big — and lucrative — nude world out there, with room everyone.

So be smart, be responsible — and have fun!

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