Sewing Doll Clothes for Cash in Your Free Time

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Sewing clothing for dolls is an easy way for seamstresses to make some extra cash. People will pay big money for custom-made clothing, so if you’re into arts and crafts or fashion, this is a great side hustle to consider. And you don’t need to be a sewing enthusiast either, as it’s an easy skill to pick up. You can just zone out and watch TV or listen to music while sewing, which makes it a popular hobby. So, read more if you’d like to find out how to make money sewing doll clothes.

First though, here are some helpful resources for those who don’t already know how to sew.

Sewing 101: Learning Resources

how to make money sewing doll clothes

Do Your Research

You’ll want to spend a bit of time researching the doll market for what’s trending. It shouldn’t be too different than the latest clothing styles people are wearing. Kids tend to dress up their toys like they dress themselves, so look into children’s fashion as well. This doesn’t take too much work. If you know anyone with kids, try asking them what they’re into. If not, just go to a popular clothing retailer’s website and look at what they’re currently selling. You can also use Amazon to search for clothing, and to find dolls to see what they’re wearing. You’ll want to model your creations after the popular styles you find.

Get Your Materials

Now that you’ve done your research it’s time to gather your materials. Old clothing, linens, and other spare fabrics are great for this. If you don’t have any on hand check out the local Goodwill store for some cheap items. Look for bright colors and things that really stand out. Kids love glitter and items with lots of decoration.

how to make money sewing doll clothes

Sewing Doll Clothing – Helpful Resources

Sewing clothing for dolls might take some getting used to. It’s on a much smaller scale, so if you’ve sewn a lot of baby clothing, then this shouldn’t be too different. It’s good, in that you’ll be able to finish pieces faster than you would normally. Hopefully you have good fine motor skills for working on such a fine scale. Dolls come in quite a few sizes though, so if you choose what works best for you. We’ve included some helpful sites with tips for sewing items for dolls.

Helpful Resources

Babies Three Sleep Eyes Closed - Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Where to Sell Doll Clothes?

There are a bunch of great sites to advertise and sell your creations. Etsy might be your best bet as it’s specifically for handmade items. Other good online include eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Mercari. See below for a full list of our top recommended selling platforms.

Recommended Websites & Platforms for Selling Doll Clothing

Check out flea markets and specialty stores for offline selling too!

Sewing Thread Craft Sew Textile - monicore / Pixabay
monicore / Pixabay

How Much Money Can You Make?

You can expect to make at least a few hundred bucks a month by sewing and selling in your spare time. That’s not quite a fulltime salary, but it’s quite a nice boost to your paycheck! And it doesn’t really involve much active labor on your part.


Do it yourself doll clothes are a fun way to make some spare cash on the side. It’s a pretty easy way to see earn a profit. Why not put your sewing skills to use and cash in on the craze?

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