How to Make Good Money Teaching Guitar

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Music is wonderful creative outlet. So many of us dream of playing an instrument. Who didn’t have visions of growing up to be a famous rock star? Guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn. That makes it a highly sought-after skill to have. People are willing to pay good money for a skilled instructor, so that gives you a great opportunity to earn some cash. Today’s guide covers how to make money teaching guitar lessons.

It’s not as easy as going to band practice like back in high school. Work and other obligations get in the way, making it hard to find time to learn a new skill. Keep that in mind as an instructor to figure out the how to reach potential students. Here are some of the best methods to earn cash as a guitar teacher.

How to Make Money Teaching Guitar – The Top 8 Ways

Offer Lessons Around Town

The old traditional method is still a good one. Post flyers for classes around town with your rates and contact info to spread the word. Use sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for advertising too. You’ll probably get more clients that way as often easier to browse online listings. Be clever with your ads. Highlight your expertise and make it catchy. People want to know you’re skilled, but also want to have fun while learning. You might need to pay to rent a classroom.


  • Good option for part-time workers
  • No to minimal advertising costs


  • Requires larger area to teach
  • Can be hit-or-miss method of finding students

Private Instructions for Clients

Offering private lessons is good because you get to charge more for your time. It’s more intimate and makes for a better learning experience. You won’t be able to take as many students, but you can make up for it by being able to set higher rates. This is a good option if you’re looking to work-part time. It’s also good in that you don’t always have to teach at the same place. It’s more flexible in terms of where teaching location and schedule as well.


  • Get to charge more
  • Better learning experience
  • Can work part-time


  • Might not be able to take on as many students
  • Higher advertising costs than some other methods

Work for an Instrument Store

Instrument stores often have employees on-hand to teach aspiring musicians. So, if you’ve got the time, look for work at the local Guitar Center. It’s a good way to keep up with music industry and gives you lots of targeted advertising. You don’t get as much control over scheduling, but it getting clients should be much easier. It’s also a great way to make connections in the music world. Check out this option if you’re still making a name for yourself as a musician.


  • Great way to make connections and network
  • Free advertising


  • Pay might not be as good
  • Less control than working for yourself

Give Virtual Lessons

Taking it online has several benefits. For starters, you get access to a much larger pool of potential clients. And your lessons can be or passive you’d like. You can either teach in real-time streaming over video, or you can prerecord lessons. That makes it good if you’re already working a full-time job. Educational sites like, Coursera and Udemy, let you create entire classes which anyone can enroll in. That gives you completely passive income stream.


  • Able to attract many more clients
  • Greater income potential
  • Source of passive revenue


  • Paycheck wont be as consistent

Work for a School

Finally, if you’re really serious about it, apply to work at a nearby school. Your role will likely come with other duties, like leading the entire band, but it’s a good steady income and offers great job security. Be sure your good with kids and have lots of patience. And you should definitely know your stuff. It helps if you have some experience teaching as well. It’s not for everyone, but teaching is a great way to give back and inspire creative minds.


  • Full-time job provides steady income
  • Job security
  • Get to inspire others


  • Less time outside of work to pursue your own ambitions
  • May include other duties

Adjust Your Rates

One of the best ways for professionals to earn more money teaching guitar is to adjust their rates. It’s far too often that guitar teachers aren’t charging a reasonable amount of money for their services. Even if playing guitar feels natural and easy to you, it doesn’t mean that you should undersell your talents.

Fortunately, many people see playing guitar as a specialty, and as such, it should come with a higher price tag. As tempting as it might be to offer “cheap guitar lessons,” it’s one of the worst ways to generate income. Instead, you should do some research to see what rates are agreeable for your area.

During your research, check out the competition and see what they’re charging. Do other teachers have package pricing or per lesson pricing? What other benefits do their students get by signing up?

Using this information, you can develop a highly competitive range of services that your clients will be willing to pay for.

Above all else, you’ll be able to cover a larger number of students and help them develop into better guitar players. Another huge benefit is that the more expensive your lessons are, the more serious your students will be.


  • Helps to diversify your client base
  • Generates more income with less effort
  • Acquire more serious students
  • Offer more advanced teachings


  • Challenging to market expensive services
  • Will require market research to establish pricing

Write an eBook

Instead of relying on in-person teaching, eBooks are a fabulous way to spread your knowledge about everything guitar-related. It’s important to remember that not everyone who wants to learn guitar will want to work with a teacher. eBooks are a fantastic way to bridge the gap between at-home and in-person guitar lessons.

With an eBook, you can create an inclusive guide that prospective students can use to refine their skills on their own time. Also, it will be easily accessible to them as it’s an entirely digital format they can download at any time. As an added benefit to you, you won’t have to worry about keeping thousands of physical book copies in your home.

It’s important to remember that writing an eBook will require time and effort. However, there are easier ways to get it out to the public, such as using a ghostwriter.

With a ghostwriter, you provide the general points you want to include, and they develop the entirety of the content. You simply review what they’ve written and make any adjustments as needed.

Of course, ghostwriters are an extra expense, but they can be well worth it. With their help, you can guarantee your lessons translate perfectly via text for students to understand.

You’ll also want to put some time into taking photos and recording videos to add to the book. Visual aids are a phenomenal way to reinforce the lessons on the pages, helping your students refine their skills.


  • Convenient at-home teachings
  • Easy to self-publish online
  • Can set agreeable pricing
  • Generates passive income


  • Challenging to write without experience
  • Needs to be marketed to create income

learn how to make money teaching guitar

Offer Free Online Lessons

You might be wondering, how can I make money teaching guitar if I’m offering free lessons? Interestingly, offering free services is a well-known way to increase your income significantly over time. There are no doubts people flock to free things, and with free lessons, you can build a loyal audience.

You don’t have to offer all of your lessons for free but instead have a collection of quick snippets. Give your audience just enough information to get them intrigued to learn more. You can direct them to your full lessons that they’ll have to pay for, helping generate income.

There are many ways to offer free lessons, whether through YouTube or on your personal website. Both options allow you to monetize your content, generating passive income from free classes. For example, YouTube allows you to place ads on your video, which you can get paid for.

Free online lessons are a great way to spread awareness of your talents and learn how to make money teaching guitar. You’ll not only drive more traffic to your site, but you’ll also establish a reputation. In such a saturated industry, one of the best ways to stand out is to become a well-known guitarist.

The more you’re known, the more likely people will be to pay for your lessons. Also, with more notoriety, you can charge higher rates for your complete lessons.


  • Offering free services is great for clients
  • A fun and creative way to start
  • Easily monetizable through side tasks
  • Acquires a larger loyal client base


  • It can be time-consuming to record and edit videos
  • Some clients might not sign up for paid lessons


There are dozens of ways to learn how to make money teaching guitar, whether online or in-person. Ensuring you correctly price and market your services is essential to bringing in more income monthly. Also, you need to get a little creative with your services to attract a larger audience over time.

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