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Tractors are most commonly associated with construction and agricultural work. They’re powerful tools capable of getting a lot done. They’re very much in demand as there’s no shortage of projects which could benefit from the use of a tractor. That high demand means more potential money in your pocket if you own a tractor. “But how?”, you might ask. Well keep reading, as today we’re looking at how to make money with a tractor.

Before we get into the best ways to make money with your tractor, let’s take a look at some of the various ways tractors are commonly used.

Common Uses for a Tractor


Tractors make plowing farmland super easy these days. In the 1800s people had to use oxen and multiple workers to steer old plows. It’s since become much easier!

how to make money with a tractor

Clearing Land & Refuse

Clearing out old land and garbage is another popular use for your tractor. It’s much quicker than picking it up by hand and lets you avoid coming into direct contact with the trash.

Digging up Land

If you’re doing some landscaping or need to level out a piece of land for construction, then tractors are a great way to get the job done.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the more popular uses, let’s go over how to make money with your spare tractor.

How to Make Money with a Tractor – 3 Great Methods

Lots of times you’ll see tractors out next to an old barn which have clearly been there for a while. They’ll just sit there starting to rust. It’s sad to see, but some people don’t think of them in terms of money. Aging farmers might not use them anymore, so just put them out to pasture along with the horses. Or it might only be used in certain seasons. But even if you don’t still operate your tractor, it’s still a valuable asset which can bring you some extra money any time of year.

Offer Your Services to Others

Unless they’re farmers, most people don’t have a reason to own tractors. But, occasionally, big projects come up in which a tractor would prove quite helpful. A neighbor might need be doing major landscaping or maybe clearing out a bunch of junk from the yard. That’s where you come in! You can offer to help out those in the community whenever they may need assistance. You can charge by the hour, day, or set a fee based on the entire workload.

Tractor Old Antique Abandoned - tmcsparron / Pixabay

Rent it Out

Another good way to make money with a tractor is to rent it out. Smaller jobsites might need additional equipment and you can offer better prices than they’d get elsewhere. Or a neighbor may need for a home project. Just be sure whoever you rent it to knows how to safely operate heavy machinery and you make them sign off, otherwise you could be in trouble legally if anyone gets hurt.

Put it Up for Sale

If you don’t have the time or energy for the other options, and you simply don’t need a tractor anymore, you can always just sell it. Put an ad online or in the paper to find the best potential buyers. You might also try asking local hardware and agricultural supply stores if they know of any resellers who might be interested in buying it used.

Clearing Away the Snow

Depending on what state you live, the winter months can be extremely frigid with many feet of snow. Maintenance vehicles are often slow with so much ground to cover. But your tractor can be a makeshift snowplow. This is a great way to keep making money during the offseason as people don’t like being trapped at home and the fields aren’t ready for plowing yet.

How Much Money Can You Make with a Tractor?

You can expect a decent supplemental income with any of these methods. A regular gig like doing the work yourself may mean a bigger paycheck, but you’ll be spending more of your own time doing the job. If you’re looking for more passive income then try renting it out.

Rapeseeds Field Tractor Nature - wurliburli / Pixabay


Who didn’t love playing with tractors and dump trucks as a kid, dreaming they could operate them someday? And now, with this list, you’ve seen few ways to make money with them too.

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