Chemistry from Home as a Way to Make Money

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Chemistry can be lots of fun! You get to conduct cool experiments and seeing how different substances interact.  And even amateurs can make money with chemistry from home. Some of the brightest minds on earth belong to chemists. People like Marie Curie, Dmitri Mendeleev, and Alfred Nobel, whom they named the Nobel Prize after, contributed greatly to our understanding of the world. And while he’s better known as a physicist, even Albert Einstein was said to be a chemist at heart. Keep reading to find out how to make money with chemistry at home.

Working in the sciences can be daunting given the high level of education required. But all that extra learning comes with a higher salary, making it an attractive option to job seekers. And you don’t always need to be confined to a lab either. So, if you’re looking to turn your love of chemistry into some extra cash, then we’re here to help.

Who is this good for?

While it’s true that most professional chemists have advanced degrees, you don’t need one here. All amateurs are welcome! You just need to be knowledgeable or at least willing to learn. And an inquisitive mind helps.

  • Good for all ages and genders
  • No higher education required
  • Curious about the world around you

As you can see, you really don’t need much formal education. Now let’s go over the top ways to profit from your passion for chemistry.

How to Make Money with Chemistry at Home

How to Make Money with Chemistry at Home

You’ll need a computer with internet access for most of these methods. But it doesn’t need to be super powerful. You could even just use a smartphone or tablet.

Working as a Tutor

Science isn’t for everyone and there are lots of students who need help outside of class. Private tutoring has grown in popularity as kids want to get the grades they’ll need to get into good schools. And wealthy parents are willing to pay top dollar to help their children succeed. Good tutors are in highly sought after, which gives you a great opportunity to make money helping teach chemistry. And modern technology lets you do it all virtually too. Chemistry tutors make an average of $28 per hour, with a range of up to $75 an hour, depending on the level of coursework. That translates to $156,000 when working full-time.

Doing Lab Experiments

There are tons of educational children’s programs on TV these days. They make learning fun with wacky personalities and cool topics. Get in touch with your creative side and get in front of the camera. You can do fun experiments aimed at kids of all ages. Video platforms like YouTube and TikTok let us reach millions of people without ever leaving home. The top social media influencers are raking in big bucks each year. You could be the next Bill Nye! Just make sure to keep things safe and make disclaimers if you’re working with anything dangerous.

Teaching Videos & Courses

Giving video lessons is another easy way to make money with your chemistry expertise. Nobody wants to sit through a long boring lecture. Keep it short and cover exciting subjects. Breaking down lessons makes it easier to learn. The audience won’t get overwhelmed with information overload. Some personality helps here. And you don’t need to go all out on production, but video editing skills may prove useful too. Check out popular TED Talks videos for tips on how to present yourself. You can even create an entire online course if you’re up to it.

Video Sharing Platforms

Online Courseware

Start a Chemistry Blog

Do you love writing? If so, then blogging is another great way you can reach the masses and monetize your interest in chemistry. The nice thing about running a blog is that it’s all up to you. You’re in charge. Whatever you’re most interested in, you get to talk about it. Then various ways you can make money with it. You can display ads, or do some affiliate marketing, or writing guest posts, just to name a few. But it you don’t have the energy to manage your own blog, why not try writing articles for others. Here are a few of our favorite sites to find writing jobs.

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Chemistry enthusiasts have several options for working from home. It’s not like the old days, when you’re only choice was going in to work every day. Technology has enabled us to move outside the office and set our own schedules. Most employees prefer that option, gaining a greater work-life balance. And the pandemic has only hastened that trend.

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