Methods to Make Money with ClickBank Using Twitter

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ClickBank is one of the best affiliate networks out there. Founded in 1998, it’s got a long history of paying members to promote products on its platform. There are a number of useful promotional methods used by affiliates to generate sales, and social media is one of the best. Almost everybody has at least one account on a social network these days, so it’s an incredibly powerful advertising platform And, some of them, like Twitter, don’t require an account to view a member’s content. Today’s guide goes over how to make money with ClickBank using Twitter.

You’re probably already familiar with affiliate networking if you’re reading, so I’ll skip the basics. But if not, check out our post on Easy Ways to Make Money Online, which goes into more detail. Now, on to ways to the best ways for using Twitter to promote ClickBank. Keep in mind, this doesn’t just work for ClickBank. It’s good for any affiliate network you choose. Now, on to the method!

Method for How to Make Money with ClickBank Using Twitter

Getting Started

This part is pretty simple, just a few steps:

  1. Join ClickBank as affiliate
  2. Find products to promote
  3. Create Twitter account

Okay, it’s easy enough, but you’ll want to put a bit of effort into setting up your Twitter account. Don’t worry, nothing too crazy. Just take a few minutes to add a nice photo, background, and brief profile description. Style your account based on the types of products you’re promoting. Follow a few related brands or influencers as well.

Attract a Following

Before you can expect many sales, you’ll need an audience. Use the follow/unfollow method for gaining followers. First, find a popular account related to the type of products you’ll be advertising and follow as many of its followers as you can each day. Many people will automatically follow you back. Then, go back the next day and unfollow all those that didn’t follow you. Do this for at least the next week until you’ve got a decent number of followers. Be careful not to follow too many accounts each day though because Twitter doesn’t like this spammy behavior and may suspend your account. It’s current max is 400/day. You can read more about its limits here.

Showcase Your Products

how to make money on clickbank using twitter

Accounts ready? Check! Products selected? Check! Targeted followers? Check! Now it’s time to promote. As of 2021 Twitter’s character limit is 280 characters per tweet, so you good taglines are important as you can’t go into much detail. Include a brief product description and a nice photo. You want to entice potential buyers, so they want to learn more. Use a link shortener, like bitly to save space. You can set up landing pages with more info where people can purchase the items. And track your links to see how your ads perform.

Don’t make it just about selling though. Most of your Tweets should have general info, advice, and recommendations related to the items you’re trying to sell. This gives you more credibility and will help you gain new followers. Only about 10%-20% of your posts should be promoting products.

Things to Remember

  • ClickBank and Twitter have lots of rules for their members. And if you break them your account can be disabled. This is especially important when it comes to getting followers. Twitter doesn’t like it when you just follow a bunch of accounts day after day, so be careful. Also, read the fine print for allowed promotion methods on products.
  • Finding the right products makes a big difference. This will likely take some testing to figure our which products get better conversions.
  • Check out the latest trends for ideas on products to promote. Amazon, Google, and Twitter are all awesome tools for seeing what’s currently trending among buyers. (INSERTLINKS)
  • Give your account an identity. Don’t try to sell something with every post. You’ll quickly lose followers and risk an account suspension.

How Much Can I Make from ClickBank using Twitter?

Affiliate marketing is great because the potential earnings are so high. And you can adjust it by choosing ClickBank items with higher sales commissions. That likely means fewer purchase though because those items will be more expensive. Another big factor is the size of your audience. And why just one Twitter account? Set up a few to target different kinds of consumers. It takes a bit of work to manage each profile, so I wouldn’t suggest more than three, unless you’re working with someone else.

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As we’ve seen, Twitter has a wide reach and is completely free to use, making it an awesome advertising platform. Just keep it authentic. Engage with your followers. You don’t want to come off like an annoying marketer, constantly trying to sell terrible products.


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