Bring in More Cash Using Fiverr and ClickBank

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Are you a ClickBank guru looking to monetize that knowledge? Well, Fiverr is a great place to do that! It’s an awesome marketplace with tons of potential business opportunities. You can promote your skills and get paid to share them with others. So, if you’ve got a knack for affiliate marketing, then stay tuned. This article covers how to make money with Fiverr and ClickBank.

Why Use Fiverr?

Running a website takes lots of work. It needs setup, maintenance, new content, good SEO, and promotion just to be successful. And even with that, it usually takes a while before you see a decent return. Many prefer freelance work because it offers a guaranteed paycheck without a huge time investment. Fiverr is one of the largest freelancing platforms, with almost 3.5 million active buyers. That’s a huge pool of potential clients! Independent work like this puts you in the driver’s seat. You get to choose the services provided. That way clients are coming to you! But don’t worry, you can still apply to open job requests as well. Let’s look at how you can earn with ClickBank on Fiverr.

How to Make Money with Fiverr and ClickBank

Getting Started

Step 1) Head over to ClickBank and Fiverr to set up accounts, if you don’t already have them. Spend some time on your Fiverr account. Make it look professional, with a good logo and profile description. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. What would they like to see?

This guide assumes you’re already familiar with ClickBank, but if not, you’ll need to create and account there too. If you’re still new to the affiliate marketing game, here’s a good article explaining what it’s all about. Good writing skills, especially copywriting skills, are needed for converting ClickBank traffic.

How to Make Money with Fiverr and ClickBank

Fiverr also has a decent affiliate program. Check out our Fiverr Affiliate Program Review to see how you can use it make money.

Boost Your Profile

You’ll want to highlight your profile to attract more clients. Add as much relevant info about your experience you can think of to your resume. Take Fiverr’s tests to show display your level of proficiency in certain skills. English language fluency is a big one, so make sure to take at least the basic level test for that. There are lots of people from foreign countries with profiles that look nice enough, but when you order content the writing is poor. Native English speakers are in high demand and can charge higher rates.

Create a Few Gigs

Once your profile’s looking good, choose what services you’ll be offering and set up a few gigs. ClickBank affiliates need to be able to persuade potential buyers. That natural salesmanship doesn’t come easy for most. Consider offering copywriting packages of varying lengths. Or you could create entire landing pages. Some people prefer to learn to do it themselves, so you could offer to train them to be effective copywriters. The more gigs, the more opportunities.

Build a Good Reputation

One tough thing about Fiverr is that it can be hard getting clients when just starting out. You’re a small fish in a large pond of competitors. Look for people seeking ClickBank help and apply to those jobs. Your profile will get noticed more as you gradually take on jobs. It’s a good idea to offer competitive rates initially, but don’t sell yourself too short. Satisfied customers will soon be leaving you great testimonials. Put together a portfolio of your best work. People like flexibility so be open to negotiate. But set realistic deadlines and don’t take on too much work at once.

How to Make Money with Fiverr and ClickBank

Find Repeat Customers

Offer special deals for bulk orders and repeat buyers. This way you can get regular clients. And, maybe survey the market to see what people are looking for. ClickBank isn’t the only network out there so don’t limit yourself. There are many other popular freelancing sites. Here’s a list of some other good ones.


So, you can see Fiverr and ClickBank are quite useful for those trying to make money in the digital age. What better place to showcase one’s affiliate marketing abilities than on such popular independent work platform? And affiliate marketing is among the most ways people make money online. There’s lots of competition though, so do whatever it takes to stand out.


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