Awesome Ways to Make Money with Hypnosis

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Are you an aspiring hypnotist or are just curious about using it as a potential income stream? It’s an age-old practice with lots of positive applications. So, it’s a great skill to learn! It can also be quite profitable. That’s why this post is all about how to make money with hypnosis. Before we get into that though, let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about.

What is Hypnosis All About?

Hypnosis if often misunderstood. It brings to mind visions of people bring lulled into a deep sleep to then be easily manipulated. In reality, it’s not like that at all. For one thing it’s all about suggestion, not command. And the subjects need to be willing to do what they’re being asked to do for it to happen. They remain in control at all times. Some people aren’t even able to be hypnotized. For instance, studies show that those with more judgmental natures have a harder time with it.

How to Make Money with Hypnosis Today

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as hypnotizing people then commanding them to give you their money. Hypnosis doesn’t work like that. And if you’re hoping to trick people out of their money, I’d suggest you look elsewhere. We like to keep things on the up-and-up around here.


But there are some great methods of making money with hypnosis that do work, which also help people at the same time. Keep reading to learn more.

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Health and Wellness Field – Helping Others

Hypnosis is a common tool for patients in variety of health and wellness settings. You’re more likely to find it used in therapeutic environments and non-western medical clinics. It’s a helpful form of treatment for those struggling with addiction, dealing with past psychological traumas, or are just seeking greater personal growth. So, this is a wonderful way to make money using hypnosis if you want to help others. You get to make people’s lives better while using it in a positive way.

Entertainment Industry – Live Shows and Special Events

Another popular way hypnotists make money is by working in the entertainment industry. Maybe you’ve seen one at a party or live show. I remember one came to our high school graduation party. It’s fun to watch them put people to sleep with often comedic results. This is a good option for the showmen and theatrically skilled, as it can involve entertaining large audiences. Another nice thing about it is that you get to work solo and go on the road if you want.

Personal Development and Career Growth

In addition to hypnotizing others for money, you can also practice it on yourself to help realize personal goals and growth in your career. Self-hypnosis is like a form of meditation. It lets us overcome personal obstacles to achieve greater personal growth. You can set intentions in your mind, like workplace advancement and a pay increase, then see them come to fruition. Self-hypnosis if a very powerful tool. It’s unfortunate it doesn’t get more attention from Western medical world.


Teaching is another easy way to make money with hypnosis, while giving back. You can educate others looking to about hypnotherapy. Answer any questions people may have about the purpose, process, and history of the practice. You can offer advice as well for future hypnotists about potential opportunities and paths they might follow.

How to Make Money with Hypnosis

How Much Money can You Make with Hypnosis?

Like with any job, earnings will range based on the number of different factors. The more work you put in, the more money you’ll receive. Of the methods listed above, working in the medical field is likely to give you make the most money. According to ZipRecruiter the average salary for hypnotists in the United States is $51,826. Good entertainers can also get a pretty good paycheck, but the gigs won’t be as regular.

Any Special Requirements?

Yes! If you’re looking to get into hypnotherapy, there are definitely a few things you’ll need to do. First, if you want to be able to practice hypnotherapy in any sort of medical capacity you’ll need to be certified. Laws vary depending on which state you live in, but you’ll need to complete a training program to get your hypnotherapy license. If not, you’ll be breaking the law and subject to all sorts legal issues. Here’s a link with information about the laws concerning hypnosis.


As seen, hypnosis can do a lot of good. It can be used to help others and oneself. So we hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to turn use hypnosis as a way to make money. Please let us know if you’ve got any questions or have any ideas not covered.

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