Make Lyric Videos on YouTube as a Side Hustle

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Here’s another great way to make a few bucks online. It’s pretty simple and only takes a few minutes to get started. You can just tune out and listen to some music. So keep reading to learn how to make money with lyric videos on YouTube.

If you’ve ever searched for music online you’ve probably come across videos showing lyrics along with the music. There are lots of them out there. And, depending on the song, they can be really popular with tons of views. So why not try to capitalize on all that traffic by monetizing it? Here’s how you can make money making your own lyric videos on YouTube or any other video sharing website.

How to Make Money with Lyric Videos on YouTube

There are actually a few ways you can earn. I’ll go over each below. You can focus on just one or increase your chances of success by trying all of them. That way you’ll find out what works best. First, let’s look at how to make the actual lyric videos.

how to make money with lyric videos on youtube

Making Music Lyric Videos

The process is super easy! It doesn’t require any special equipment of previous knowledge. I’ve broken it down into steps to make things a little simpler.

  1. Find a song (something popular is better to attract more viewers) and download it in an acceptable YouTube format (link to accepted formats)
  2. Do a quick Google search to find the lyrics
  3. Use a site like VEED, or a product like Animaker or WoFox to make a video out of the combined audio and text. Mobile apps like Quik, Songbirg, and KineMaster can do it too.

That’s it! Then you just upload your lyric video to YouTube and wait for the views. Make sure to use a catchy title and good tags to attract more viewers.

You can use just a plain background or fancy it up with cool styles and decorations. Some programs will even auto generate subtitles. I don’t recommend trying that for lyrics though because you want to be sure they’re accurate. Computer transcription is better than it used to be, but it’s not perfect.

VEED is my favorite option because it’s totally free and you don’t need to download anything. Just upload your song and go.

Now, let’s see how to monetize your new video.

How to Make Money from Your Lyric Videos

You Tube Media Icon Tube Video - Lucek / Pixabay

You won’t be getting paid by YouTube as an influencer because you’re not putting out original content and having millions of subscribers. There’s definitely still ways to earn with your lyric videos. In this case, YouTube is the platform to get you the traffic needed to make that money. These are the best methods:

Insert Your Affiliate and Referral Links

You just insert links and info marketing any affiliate products or programs you’re using to earn money. You include it in the  description or add it to the video itself.

Promote Your Website and Other Projects

If you’re already running a website or another money making gig, you can use the YouTube traffic to spread the word and promote it

Ask for Support and Donations

This might be the simplest of methods, but you’re success rate may not be as high. You just ask viewers for donations to help support your channel. You should be a good natural salesman for greater success. Then have donations go through a site of your choice (PayPal, VenMo, etc.)

You can’t sell the content itself because it’s all copyright protected so you can’t profit off of it directly though.

Advantages of this Method

  • Really easy process with no spending involved
  • High earnings possible
  • Get to find new music
  • Mostly passive income stream

Disadvantages of this Method

  • You don’t own the content / Could be at risk of YouTube penalty
  • Earnings depend viewers taking additional actions
  • Higher competition

Who Can Make Money with Lyric Videos?

As mentioned above, pretty much anyone can make money by creating lyric videos for YouTube. You just need your own account and internet access.


  • Internet Access
  • YouTube Account
  • Method of Compensation (PayPal, product sales/affiliate signups, etc.)

how to make money with lyric videos on youtube

Investment Needed

  • None! 😊 (You can pay for a video program with more features, but it’s really not worth it unless you want to go all out when creating music videos)


And that’s it! Sounds pretty simple, right? It’s an easy way to make some passive income online. It’s popular if you want to make content, but don’t have any ideas of your own. You should give credit where due to avoid risk of getting in trouble from YouTube and the original artists. It’s also a great promotional tool for other projects. Let me know if you’ve got any questions and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

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