Learn How to Make Money as a Fashion Stylist

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Do you have a passion for fashion? Is keeping up with the latest fashion trends your favorite pastime? Do you love mixing and matching fashion outfits? If you’re planning to turn it into a career, then you’re on the right path! Unsure of how to make money as a fashion stylist? Check out the article below.

Learning How to Make Money as a Fashion Stylist

As a fashion stylist or wardrobe consultant, you’re expected to have a knack for fashion, excellent people skills, a business mindset, and knowledge about networking, social media, customer service, and more. Thus, if you want to earn more with the work that you’re passionate about, consider doing the following:

Build a Website

If you want to connect to a larger audience, you should set up your own website. This helps potential clients to know your service more, including what sets you apart from other fashion stylists.

In this website, you can also write fashion blogs and other related articles. This way, you’re helping visitors address their fashion-related questions and needs while promoting your product. With a dedicated website, you can attract more customers from different parts of the world, thus increasing your chances to gain higher income.

Keep Your Site and Social Media Accounts Connected

Connecting your website with your social media profiles will also help you make more money as a fashion stylist. This is because different brands and influencers in the fashion industry may start noticing you. Not only will you maintain a professional appearance; you will also grow your audience.

By promoting your service as a fashion stylist and sample portfolio to both your social media accounts and website, it would be easier for users to share your products to their family and friends. That is why you should have a contact page on your site, so customers can quickly reach out to you.

Gain Experience From Local Boutiques

To be big in the fashion world, you have to first start small. Working in local boutiques will help you develop the skills necessary to compete in the cut-throat fashion industry. It’s the perfect place for growth especially if you’re a novice in the styling business.

You won’t only acquire knowledge about fashion trends and styles. You’ll also develop necessary people skills to attract customers and build clientele. You may even meet your initial client base or business partners in these establishments.

Connect With Other Fashion Stylists

Wondering how to make money as a fashion stylist? Another secret is networking. Reach out with local fashion stylists that you look up to, and if opportunities arise, work with them. Doing so will help you learn the best tips and practices to become a successful fashion stylist.

Researching notable figures in the industry who share the same value with you is also beneficial. Get inspired by their stories, and if possible, meet them. You can also apply at various online fashion styling companies if you prefer a more stable job than becoming a freelancer.

How to Make Money in the Fashion Industry

Potential Earning of Fashion Stylists

There may not be an exact figure when it comes to the income of fashion stylists or wardrobe consultants. However, you can enjoy higher rates as you build your name in the industry. At first, you may not charge your client as you’re still trying to gain enough skills and expertise.

Once you do, you can ask for around $60 to $200 per hour. You may also have to get a pay of up to $2,000 per project. These numbers could go higher, especially when you become a trusted figure like your favorite fashion stylists.

Venturing into other related businesses is also another promising path for you. For instance, you can be a coach or speaker on top of being a fashion stylist.

Key Takeaway

Earning from a job that is close to your heart is indeed a win-win situation. Thus, if you’re wondering how to make money as a fashion stylist, increase your visibility online, consider working at local boutiques, and partner with well-known fashion stylists. The next thing you know, you’re already living the dream!

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