How to Make Money with VoIP – 5 Best Methods

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Curious about making money with VoIP? You’ve come to the right place! This post covers exactly how to make money with VoIP.

How to Make Money with VoIP

First though, let’s start with a bit of background on VoIP so you can see if  you’re interested enough in using it make money to begin with. You’ve probably at least heard the term, but might have some questions, like if it requires a special phone number.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, uses the internet to provide voice communication rather than relying on traditional analog telephones. It’s a newer technology which has become widely adopted due to its cost effectiveness and greater ease of use when compared to traditional phone lines. You even get international calling without additional costs. It’s been around since the late 90s, and these days most people have combined their internet and phone service with VoIP through a major broadband provider like Comcast/Xfinity, AT&T, or CenturyLink.

how to make money with voip

But How Can I Make Money with It?

Seeing as how there’s already some big competition out there it might seem crazy to think you could profit from VoIP, but as with most industries, there are still ways for a small fish to succeed in such a big sea of competitors. Here are some of your best bets.

Method #1: Become an Affiliate

How to Make Money with VoIP as an Affiliate

  1. Join the competition and represent the big guys
  2. Promote VoIP services through affiliate programs. Here are some great ones!
    • Nextiva
    • AXvoice
    • SkySwitch
    • ViaTalk
    • PhonePower
    • VoIP Supply
    • CallHippo
    • VOIPO


  • Simplest method / Easy to get started
  • Requires least investment, all you need is a website
  • No technical knowledge required


  • Paid on commission is limited to percentage of signups
  • Bound by provider’s Terms of Service and subject to potential penalties for violation

Affiliate Marketing

Method #2: Reselling

How to Make Money with VoIP as a Reseller

Pay monthly fee to act as an independent reseller of VoIP company’s products and services. Check out some of our favorites below:

    • CoreDial
    • VoIP Supply
    • Sherweb
    • Monster VoIP
    • RingLogix
    • BluIP
    • Talking Platforms


  • Greater independence and freedom to choose how to package and market VoIP services
  • You earn 100% of sales
  • May get some support as a reseller
  • Higher earning potential


  • More technical knowledge required
  • Takes more effort to manage VoIP service for customers
  • Still working for a larger company
  • Higher costs

Method #3:  Offer Technical Support

How to Make Money with VoIP as Tech Support

Work as an independent contractor providing tech support for VoIP phones an technology in general.


  • Working for yourself
  • Get to set own prices, hours, etc.


  • Should be very technically skilled
  • Work might not be consistent

Tech Support

Method #4: Do It Yourself

How to Make Money with VoIP for Yourself

Go into business for yourself as an independent VoIP provider. Choosing to sell VoIP yourself may sound intimidating, but you get unlimited control and maximum profits. Managing an entire VoIP system takes technical skill though, so be sure you know your stuff.


  • Highest potential profits (if successful)
  • You’re in charge of everything


  • Greatest chance of failure
  • Must be extremely technically skilled
  • Requires business expertise
  • Biggest investment

Method #5: Invest in VoIP

How to Make Money with VoIP by Investing

VoIP is a newer technology with lots of room for growth, so it can be a great investment in the stock market. The traditional phone system is on its way out. Putting your money in VoIP is a good investment as it continues to replace such outdated technology.


  • Completely passive method (hands-off approach)
  • No additional work involved
  • High potential income
  • No technical knowledge required


  • Must be willing to lose money (risky investment)
  • Requires initial investment

how to make money with voip


As seen, there are lots of ways to make money with VoIP. You should have at least some prior knowledge about the field or at least a willingness to learn how everything works. If not, you can still make money, but you’d need to leave it up to someone else and invest some money in the stock market.

And as is usually the case, the greater the risk you’re willing to take, the greater potential reward you may receive.

VoIP is a good way to make money, but it’s not the simplest method out there. And the technical knowledge needed makes it harder for some people.

Remember, there are tons of ways to earn some cash, many of which don’t require any investment. The possibilities are endless!


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