How to Make Good Money Playing Guitar Online

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Do you know how to play guitar? Did you know you can make money playing guitar online? That is true, but the big question remains, how can you achieve that? Imagine how fascinating it would be to earn money from a hobby you love doing from the comfort of your studio or home? Many guitarists are looking for avenues to make money from their hobbies.

However, the sad reality is that not many have utilized this opportunity. Probably they lack the knowledge and know-how to do it. This guide looks at the diverse ways you can make a steady source of cash from playing your guitar. There are different ways you can earn money online playing your guitar, which includes but are not limited to:

Become a freelance guitarist

A freelancer does some task on behalf of another person for some payment. As a guitarist, you can choose to get hired at a cost. When speaking of hiring opportunities, there are endless possibilities as a guitarist.

Thousands of artists and music creators need guitar sounds for their music recordings. Amateur video creators, filmmakers, and video game developers need sounds and music produced by guitarists.

Offer your guitar-playing skills to those who need it most for a fee and earn some good cash. All you need is to create the sound and send it to the buyer.

Where do you sell these custom sounds and services?

As a service provider, there are websites where you can sell your services, such as All you have to do is offer the service for $5 or more, depending on your level of expertise.

Compose music and create custom sounds for people. You can also sell your sounds at Audio Jungle. Google for places and sites where you can offer your services for a fee, and you will find out there are tons of websites.

What do you need to succeed as a freelancer?

As a freelancer who wishes to make money playing guitar online, you have to advertise yourself and network with people. Get a set of songs you will be playing at gigs and master them to the letter.

However, some events may require specific songs, so you must master them quickly before the D-day. You could also improvise the music and the notation. You may need a small home studio and gear for the online gigs.

If you can write custom music and jingles, you already have an impressive skill combination that can make you money.

Offer Guitar Lessons

Offering guitar lessons online is among the most reliable and oldest ways to earn cash from playing guitar. Depending on how you decide to do it, you can offer the lessons full-time or part-time. You can make about $30 for every guitar lesson hour from this venture.

To grow the business to a significant venture, you have to be a skilled guitar teacher and understand the playing techniques perfectly. That may include:

  • Tuning by ear
  • Understand music theory
  •  Read standard music notation easily
  • Play and understand pentatonic scales
  • Teach and play barre chords
  • Teach and play basic open chords

You should also know how to attract new students to your class. To make money playing guitar online as a guitar teacher, you should learn online marketing techniques. That is especially true when you are just starting.

Once you have enough students in your online class, encourage them to spread the word to their friends and families for your business to grow.

Earn from YouTube videos

You can also make money playing guitar online from YouTube videos. Upon getting to the threshold set by Google, the firm will pay you for ads running on your YouTube account. Some of the video ideas you can consider are:

  • Gear unboxing – many people today are interested in the quality of commodities they wish to purchase. You could do such videos where you unbox guitar gear.
  • Gear reviews – this is where you do gear reviews for guitars. Tell your audience what you think about that particular item you bought.
  • Amazing guitar tricks – teach people some guitar tricks, new gear demos, and short lessons on your YouTube.

Put in the work on YouTube channels, and if your content is excellent, big-name brands will approach you and offer free gear for reviews or endorsing on your YouTube channel.

What do you need to make these videos?

To create a splendid YouTube channel, you need a perfect quality camera. However, some YouTubers use their phone’s inbuild cameras to shoot, which is okay if the camera quality is good. You may require some extra cash if you plan to do unboxing videos to purchase the items.

Make money playing guitar online with YouTube

Create your blog or site

You could also create a blog or site to make money playing guitar online. Write everything about guitars and the gear on your blog. Post your videos while playing guitar and ensure they are high-quality.

As much as it will make you money online, you will also teach other guitar enthusiasts a thing or two from your blog. You will inspire the thousands who will read your content and watch blog videos monthly.

What to write on your blog or sites

Your blog can cover several aspects of the guitar industry. You can write on industry news or instructional content and give tips on how guitars work. Write about gear reviews on the blog as you recommend the best parts to your readers.

You could even sell unique guitar services, lessons, or products on the blog. You can do many things on the blog; research other guitar blogs to find more inspiration. Find out what people or guitar enthusiasts need and fill that market gap on your blog.

How will the blog make money?

Guitarists can make money playing guitar online via their blog through different avenues. You can earn money via third-party advertisements such as AdSense or Mediavine integrated on the site.

Sell your ad space to big companies and earn. You can also monetize the blog via affiliate marketing such as Amazon affiliates.

With affiliate marketing, you will get paid commission once a customer purchases a guitar product via your link. Sell digital items on the blog such as courses or eBooks to earn extra income.

What do you require for the blog to be successful?

Blogging may involve a learning curve unless you are familiar with it. You may need to learn about blogging, web hosting, video editing, and other computer-based skills.

However, you do not have to do it on your own. You can always hire a professional to help out with the technical aspects you struggle to handle.

You can make money playing guitar online

Take Away

You shouldn’t stay broke while you can make money playing guitar online. You can bank on these hacks combined with guitar-playing skills and make money. You can do it part-time if you have a day job or do it full-time for maximum profits.


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