The Best Stay At Home Dad Jobs for 2022

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The idea of a stay at home mom remains well established within most Western households, whether they have one or not. Yet, stay at home dads are becoming more and more common in the modern household.

There may be many reasons why a father may choose to stay at home – they may be injured and unable to engage in their profession for a period, recovering from a mental or physical ailment, simply in between jobs. 

More often than not, people choose to stay at home in order to look after their children if their partner can’t, or as a career. But some may simply work remotely.

While this list does not cover everything, whether you are already employed remotely or otherwise, many stay at home parents look to earn multiple incomes should their employment contract allow it.

Other stay at home parents could be retired, but still desire to make some supplementary income.

As a dad, many will feel an obligation and duty to provide for their family where they can and push themselves to bring in extra money, even if they are a stay at home parent.

A stay at home parent does not necessarily mean they are employed, they may still be the breadwinner even if they are working from home.

In any case, breadwinner or not, you may want to earn some extra income if you work at home, here are some tips and suggestions on some options to earn money as a stay at home dad.

Fill Out Surveys

One great opportunity to grow your income while stuck at home, or on top of your remote working income, is to fill out surveys.

Companies often ask for people to fill out numerous surveys for a small fee. This is indeed all you have to do, companies will send you a certain amount of surveys and you simply fill them out, truthfully of course.

Yet, these survey sites often don’t pay enough to form a sufficient income, but if you already have a job, or the money is in fact enough for you, then these survey sites can offer a little extra money while you stay at home.

The surveys are often on random topics, most of which will apply to you, and are also super easy to do. Trying to do a lot of them can get arduous and boring but it is a potentially easy and low effort way to earn money.

Some websites offer more premium surveys irregularly that, if applicable to you, can be extra earners, as high as $50 for one survey, in the right circumstance.

What’s also interesting is that some websites offer welcome bonuses, as well as increased rates for those who stick around.

Here are some popular websites you can sign up to today, even signing up for more than one to reap the most income you can.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

This has to be one of the most classic ways to earn money while being a ‘stay at home’ parent – dog walking. If you love dogs, then this could be totally great for you and dog walking can pay more than you may expect if you have a good reputation.

If you have your own dog then this could be a great way to make money off something you may be doing already, you can simply take other dogs on your daily dog walk and get paid for it.

If you are a stay at home parent then you will also find that during the ‘working’ hours of the day, at least until your kids come home from school, that you have lots of spare time.

This is when people may require their dog to be walked, if they work long hours, or simply when people are on vacation.

If you have a natural passion and relationship with dogs then you may find you can walk more than one dog with you, walking a few dogs at a time could help you technically be paid more.

The thing about dog walking is that owners will often pay based on your reputation as a dog walker.

If you have all the mothers in the village talking about how good you are with dogs, you will be more likely to get more clients as well as being paid more; a dog owner will likely pay more in order for you to give their dog the best treatment you can.

Dog walking can be a great way to connect and affect a community as well as earn a supplementary income.

Depending on the areas you live, how connected you already are to a co immunity, and how many dogs you can walk at one time, you can easily earn a normal income as a dog walker with the right business practices.

Our tip is to get out there, make some posters and stir up some interest. Querying who might want to have their dogs walked prior to any investments can be a good way to start.


Similar to dog sitting, babysitting can be a clever way to supplement income, especially when you have your own children.

Like dog sitting, many people will choose how much they spend on a babysitter based on the person’s reputation.

This will definitely be increased if you have your own children, grown or otherwise, a new parent may trust you with their child considering you have experience.

A good reputation will undoubtedly lead to more clients in this situation.

Obviously, unlike dog walking, you can’t really babysit more than one group of children at once.

Your own children plus someone else’s children is more than enough to send you mad, but any more than that would be unmanageable and some parents might not be comfortable with this.

If you can offer something that makes you seem like a reliable babysitter  who is good with children, you can definitely get some great money from babysitting.

The affluence of your community will undoubtedly affect how much money you can make from babysitting.

You could even baby sit and dog sit on the same day, potentially doubling the income you could make. But, there is some decent supplementary income you can make from babysitting.

Teach A Skill Or Tutor

One way to make money is to teach a skill that you are proficient in, or to tutor a subject you are proficient in.

If you have a natural knack for math or science or any other subject that a child or teenager may struggle with then you could tutor these subjects at your local school or even online.

You may need some form of proof you are proficient in the subject such as a degree or something similar.

Conversely, another great way to earn money is to teach language. If you have a different first language, or are simply fluent in another language for one reason or another, then you can definitely teach this language to an American. 

The other side of this is that you could also teach English to someone who can speak the other language you can speak.

There may be more push to learn English as it is a popular language many need to get a job, etc., so there are lots of avenues to teach languages.

You may not even be required to have a degree studying the language, just proof you can speak it.

Another way to earn money is to teach a skill. This could range from anything like a musical instrument, drawing, gardening, to archery or soccer.

There is a whole range of skills you can teach someone if you feel like you have the characteristics of a good teacher. 

People always look for private guitar lessons or any sort of private tutoring to learn a skill quickly and with routine.

If you can establish yourself as a professional and reliable teacher you can easily attract lots of students to your offering, this, again, can largely depend on reputation.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Similarly to teaching a skill, if you are a gym rat or have experience running or doing something athletic like this, then this could be a potential avenue to earn a supplementary income. 

More and more people seem to join the gym every day with the rise of beauty influencers and the effects of the fashion industry.

Regardless of these facts many people enjoy having someone help train them who is more knowledgeable.

Whether that is simply accompanying someone to the gym for the first time and helping them out, or helping train someone for a marathon, there are many athletic pursuits where the person training would like someone more experienced to train them.

This can certainly earn a sufficient income to live off, and with the right reputation you can really engage a lot of clients and potentially make this a full time job.

Many people may require some certification of sorts to prove you know what you are talking about, but this could be as casual as training a friend for a marathon, it depends on which approach you take.

Data Entry And Organization

There will be many jobs on the market that require some simple organization of data or simply data input.

This work is often small enough and rudimentary to the point that companies often outsource employees in order to complete the menial task.

While this may not be the most ideal choice, it can certainly form part of a sufficient income when working at home.

As you work from home you may need to accept that you might have to undertake the less enjoyable tasks to make a decent income.

Yet, the job will often be very easy and some people can find some solace and enjoyment from sorting data and the menial satisfaction that comes with it.

If you are this type of person a data entry job may be the ideal pursuit for a supplementary income.


With the modernization of the world and as technology keeps updating this job becomes more unlikely to draw a sufficient income, but there are still some companies who appreciate a human touch when it comes to transcription.

Transcribing is literally just listening to people speak and then writing down their words in ‘proper’ English, often verbatim what the person has said. 

Not only is transcribing easy, but many may enjoy the act of writing the words out, of course you may need some proficiency in fast typing but many may already have these skills.

Customer Service Representative 

This may be another job that doesn’t sound very appealing, while others may love it, but being able to do it from home can make it much more easy and appealing.

While it may not be a desirable job for some, being a reliable and consistent team member could really return some decent income.

Doing this from home means no weird call centers or having to go to work all the time, but actually working from the comfort of your home can make you better at this job for certain – all you need is some patience, a good Wi-Fi connection, and a computer or laptop!


Re-sale can be a really profitable business if you understand the market and the item well. This could be as simple as buying a second hand piece of furniture to make it look nice and customize it, to re-sell it for a higher price.

Many people, when they buy an item at the right time, make a lot of money from reselling recent releases in the fashion industry, whether that is the latest pair of Jordans or the newest Supreme garments release. 

People go crazy for these items which are only released once, so if you can buy them early by winning raffles or just outright buying them, you should be able to resell the item at a much higher price.

Yet, this could be as simple as finding things at a flea market and selling them on for a slight profit. When you do this at a great quantity you can actually make a good amount of money.

Some packing and regular trips to the post office may be required because this is totally manageable at home.


While this may not be for all the dads out there, crafts can be a clever and easy way to make money, especially if you have some experience in this world prior to your stay at home status.

If you already have some form of social media following, we get that some dads may not, you can definitely make a good amount of money from this.

If you are passionate about it then starting from the bottom up for a long term crafts business can be a good way to make a lot of money but may take longer.

Your products will require some artistic appreciation in order for people to buy them.

Many people get a lot of money from selling resin jewelry, handmade earrings, cards, decorations, hats, literally anything  you can make that is unique and bespoke can be sold.

The amount of money and success you have with this will ultimately depend on the product you are selling and how much people like it, but done properly you could earn a lot of money in the long run.

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

One big and modern business that many people are finding a lot of wealth in is SEO marketing. SEO marketing is Search Engine Optimization and covers areas from writing content, uploading articles, keyword research, to general marketing, assisting, and other IT related jobs.

If you have some experience in any of these areas, which can be as little as being good with computers or being an entertaining writer, there are many positions available for people with some experience in these areas.

Moreover, almost all SEO marketing is usually done digitally, most of the workers end up working from home in any case so it can be ideal for a stay at home dad who has some form of experience in IT, business, sales, marketing, or writing. 

You could make some serious dough in the SEO market as it is pretty new while also booming, there is potentially a whole career you could nourish in this area that could allow you to work from home full time while still earning an impressive salary.

Help Out At Your Local School

High school or middle school, if you need money your school may be looking for assistants. This could be as simple as helping the kids get to their swimming class, or it could be something like over seeing a detention.

If you have some experience in other jobs that are related, schools are constantly on the lookout for helpful volunteers who want to make a little extra money.

This can be a good way to get involved with the community and potentially do good as well as earn money.

Become A Blogger

Blogging can be an effective way to make money from home. There may be something unique about your life, or a unique perspective you provide about something. 

Your blog could even be about this exact pursuit as a stay at home dad. You could talk about the struggles of being a stay at home dad and what that entails.

Other stay at home dads may love to hear or read your point of view on this or any other subject.

You can blog anywhere, in almost any format, whether that is simply on a blog site where you write blog posts such as WordPress, through a video platform such as YouTube, or through your Instagram account.

Many people earn money as bloggers in some form or another whether that is brand collaborations or running ads through your sites, or being paid by a corporation like YouTube.

If you get it right and develop a good audience, you can earn a serious amount of money from something that requires little travel.

Where To Find Remote Jobs?

It may have been a while since you looked for a job, so you may be struggling on where to find jobs, let alone ones that are remote working jobs.

You may not be surprised to find the home for most of these jobs are online. This means knowing the right websites to visit and the other ways of getting a job.


LinkedIn is a good resource for finding jobs, and if you have a good CV from your years of work, it is an easy way to get headhunted or chosen for a job. 

If you are on LinkedIn it will undoubtedly positively affect the chances of being employed, often employers will look to see if you are on LinkedIn as a better way of checking you out rather than going to other social media.

LinkedIn can also demonstrate that you are savvy with computers and modern technology which can help you be considered for these digitally nomadic roles.

It’s also a great way to meet people and network online rather than in person. Moreover, you can be headhunted on LinkedIn and if an employer likes your profile and CV they may send a job application to you on the spot.


Indeed is a great website that many people love to use. On Indeed you can easily find and locate the jobs you want from their large list with some ease.

One of the great things that will help you in your search is that you can filter the results by ‘remote’ or not.

This filtering feature makes it super easy to find the jobs you want. On Indeed there are also features in place that mean that you can apply with your CV in one simple click, having already made an account on Indeed.

This means that you can cluster apply with ease to multiple jobs you like which will increase your chances of getting a job by a large amount


FlexJobs is one of the best sites out there to find remote jobs.

They specifically specialize in finding remote jobs so it can be one of the best places to find them, with employers who know that the people looking on that site will only want a remote job, meaning the best opportunities will be handed your way.

Their website is really easy to use and access and makes finding a remote job super easy and less stressful than it needs to be, so you can get back to the important stuff. If you are only considering a remote career, then this could be the best place to find one.

Make Your Own Job

As mentioned, not all the ‘jobs’ listed are ones where you need someone to employ you.

More often than not a remote job can be one you have ‘made for yourself’ which simply means a self employed remote job. In the past the latter was mainly true

Dog walking for example is not something you need to apply for, rather, it is something you need to garner a community of clients for.

What route you choose to go down is up to you ultimately. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way anymore, now you can find employers with specific remote jobs you can undertake at home.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, in the modern world there is a new and emerging area for ‘digital nomads’ which essentially is for the stay at home worker.

It stands to reason that a company may be more inclined to hire remote workers or the penny they can save.

Parent or not, companies have found the benefits of not necessarily having all their employees under one roof.

They realize they can save on overheads as well as perhaps creating a better working environment in your own home. 

Working from home can benefit different industries, for example if you are a customer service rep then being in your own home could make you more patient and happy to do the job.

Moreover, people like content writers or IT related jobs can easily be done from home without too much effort. 

As a stay at home dad, a remote job can be really helpful, you can take some responsibilities away from your wife, you can spend more time with your kids, and you can accommodate the life they live within your own rather than missing out on their life because of your job. 

Working from home has become a practice rather than a day off and can be really beneficial to both a company and their employee, and in another sense it can be really beneficial to a father and their children.

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