Here’s How to Make Money in Zambia

How to Make Money in Zambia

We’ve written a lot about making money in Africa, and this post covers more of the same. Today we’re looking at how to make money in Zambia. Zambia, like much of Africa, is a very poor country. It’s had some economic growth, but not enough to make up for the meager living conditions. And it’s been getting worse more recently.

Over 60% of the population lives below the poverty line, with 40% of those in extreme poverty. Number like these make it seem hopeless for residents trying to improve their lives. But they still have options. Finding work might not be as easy, but you can still get ahead and be successful. That’s why we wrote this guide, to show you the best ways to earn cash in Zambia. Continue reading “Here’s How to Make Money in Zambia”

How to Make Money as a Web Developer in Nigeria

How to Make Money as a Web Developer in Nigeria

This is your guide for how to make money as a web developer in Nigeria.

Africa doesn’t usually come to mind when we’re thinking about computers and technology. The countries are much poorer than those in the first world, and most of them don’t have the necessary infrastructure to compete with the likes of Silicon Valley. But some parts of Africa are doing considerably better.

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Guide for How to Make Money Online in Cameroon

How to Make Money Online in Cameroon

Online work is increasingly popular in Cameroon, as the country’s digital infrastructure gets improved. Those developments give new opportunities to millions of people looking for jobs.

Most of Africa is still playing catch up when it comes to more developed areas, but lots of money is being invested to see that everyone has access to the internet.

And Cameroon 2021 looks very different than it used to, with new ways for people to work from home. But if you’re new to the internet, you might not know where to start. That’s why this guide shows you how to make money online in Cameroon. Continue reading “Guide for How to Make Money Online in Cameroon”