How to Make Money Selling Magic the Gathering Cards

How to Make Money Selling Magic the Gathering Cards

For those who collected Magic: The Gathering (MTG) cards as kids, the passion behind the drive to collect them was more than enough to fuel their interest. But many of those same collectors don’t realize that there’s money in those old magic cards that they stashed in the back of their closets, provided they’re willing to invest some time in learning the rules of the road when it comes to selling them.

So let’s look into how to make money selling magic the gathering cards. We’ll examine the market, the mechanics of selling a card, and some of the details that are involved, like prices, single cards, mythic rare cards, etc. Finally, we’ll look at the difference between selling these cards as a side hustle or a part-time venture versus and stepping up to make it a full-time business. Continue reading “How to Make Money Selling Magic the Gathering Cards”

Flipping Sports Cards for Big Bucks

How to Make Money Flipping Sports Cards

It doesn’t take long to find incredible stories about people making lots of money flipping sports cards.  Reselling is on the rise with marketplaces like eBay and StarStock. It’s totally possible to participate in this in a worldwide marketplace and make money.  Unfortunately with anything, it’s also possible to make some poor investments and lose your money.  Follow these tips to see how to make money flipping sports cards instead of losing it. Continue reading “Flipping Sports Cards for Big Bucks”